15 Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

Summer isn’t far away and we have put together a list of things that you can do with your cockapoo this summer. There’s something on our list for everyone – from day trips, weekend activities and holiday ideas.

Just be careful that it’s not too hot for your dog to take part in some of these ideas and use your common sense. Also, be careful to know your dog’s limits. You might love the water, but your dog might not be a fan of it, so don’t push them to do something they are not keen on.

1.  Swimming

Is there a lake near you that you and your dog can swim in together. I can think of Derwent Water in the Lake District that allows people to swim in and it could be a good place to take your dog for a swim as well.

Make sure you don’t go too far, especially if your dog is new. 

You could always buy a life jacket for your dog to help them float and make it easier for them.

2. Paddleboarding

Dogs love to paddleboard! Pop your dog on the front and away you go. You can both get out into nature and enjoy the great outdoors together. I would always recommend putting a life jacket in your dog as they could quite easily fall if there are any waves.

3. A back garden swimming pool

Not many people in the UK have a swimming pool in their back garden so you are going to need to buy a children’s paddling pool and fill it with water. Most cockapoos will love them, but unfortunately, my cockapoo is a bit anxious and it takes a bit of work to her into the pool.

These are especially good to have in the garden as they will help keep your dog cool when it’s really hot. We do give Luna a quick dunk if we feel she’s getting too hot.

There are some good pools available here.

4.  A sprinkler

What dog doesn’t love a sprinkler? 

Whenever you see sprinkler you just know summer has arrived.

We really like this type of sprinkler that rotates as most dogs will want to chase it.

Just be careful to look after your cockapoo when they are playing with it as some dogs might want to drink it all the time which could be bad for them if they drink too much.

5. Kayaking

I love kayaking and try and get out a few times a year. Unfortunately, Luna doesn’t like it as much as I and we don’t want to push her into doing something that she does not like.

6. The beach

I don’t know a dog that doesn’t love the beach. Here’s a picture of Luna having fun at the beach.

Always supervise your dog at the beach and have a quick check of the local rules as there are certain areas of beaches that don’t allow dogs during the summer months.

7. Dog-friendly pubs

The pub is the perfect family day out for all the family.

The kids can play in the play area (if your pubs lucky enough to have one) and you can enjoy a glass of wine while the dog hopefully chills under the table.

There’s also the added benefit that your lovely cockapoo will get lots of attention from passers-by which I am sure they will love. A pub also has lots of tasty food which your dog will love.

8. A picnic

My wife and I recently went on a picnic by the side of the canal. It was such a good day out and we can’t wait to do it again.

We packed some sandwiches for us and a few of Luna’s favourite treats.

Make sure you take plenty of water even if you are not walking far.

We also took a small umbrella and Luna was happy to chill under there to keep herself out of the sun.

9. Glamping

Glamping or posh camping is a great way to get away for the weekend with your family and the dog.

My wife won’t go normal camping so glamping is absolutely perfect for all 3 of us to enjoy the outdoors with some added luxuries.

We like to pick somewhere that’s got a fenced off garden which means me and my wife can lie in the sun and read our book while Luna goes off to explore all the new sights and smells.

10. Hike up a mountain

This is probably one of my favourite things to do with Luna.

The photo above is of me and Luna up Mount Snowdon which we have done twice over the years before the pandemic hit.

Just make sure you take some essentials and I’d recommend an early start when it’s a bit cooler. If the weather was too hot I just wouldn’t bother hiking as it would be like us hiking while wearing a fur coat which would not be fun.

11. Ice cream farm

Dogs and ice cream. What a day out.

There’s a massive ice cream farm about a 30-minute drive away from me. It’s dog friendly and they even sell special dog-friendly ice creams so it’s a win-win for everyone. Luna, of course, always wants a bit of our ice cream but never shares hers with us haha.

12. Biking

This is one thing I have not tried with Luna as I just know it’s one of those things she will not enjoy and I worry about her getting stuck under the wheels.

However, I do see plenty of other people out with their dogs running by their side – some off lead and some on the lead.

If your cockapoos on the smaller side you could always get a basket for the front of your bike and pop them in there, just make sure they are harnessed in.

13.  National Trust

We are members of the national trust and it’s brilliant. There are some great places near us in the north-west and it means we always have a few options of where to go on the weekends in the summer.

One of our favourites is Arley Hall as there’s a separate dog field just near the car park which is really big and the dogs we have met there have always been really friendly. Luna loves to find the biggest puddle possible and make the car as dirty as possible but we don’t care if she’s having fun.

14. Geocaching

You might not have heard of geocaching but it’s great fun. It’s something to do. It’s basically a treasure hunt for adults.

Download the app here and then have a look at what geocaches might be nearby. We have found over 100 and it just makes a walk that bit more fun. We have also explored areas that we might never have explored before.