Are Cockapoo’s Good For Home Workers?

Before you read on, I would say, yes they are good for home workers but they will want your attention and want to be on your video calls!

With more of us working at home after the coronavirus more people are wondering if a Cockapoo is a suitable dog for home workers.

I work at home and have done for 7 years. Luna is 4 at the time of me writing this so for 3 years I was used to just working by myself with no dog.

We got Luna when she was 8 weeks old, my wife went off to work and I was left (as a first-time dog owner) with an 8-week old pup. I didn’t know how to balance my work with looking after a needy puppy.

I’ll admit, it was tough and my work suffered. Maybe that’s just because I was a new dog owner and you are reading this as an experienced owner whos owned dogs before, but for me it was tough.

Now Luna Is Older

From about the age of 6 months, things got a lot easier.

If anything she helped me more productive as it helped me schedule in breaks to play with her or walk her.

What Does She Do While I Am Working?


Sleeps some more.

Now that she’s a bit older she’s happy to sleep a lot more.

I have a bed in my office for her now. She is quite happy to curl up on there until I have a little break and throw the ball for her or we go out for our walk.

Whats Our Daily Schedule Like Now?

I do like to try and mix up each day. I don’t want her getting too used to a routine as my working day can change on a daily basis so I like to keep her guessing and walk at different times.

Here’s an example of my working schedule with Luna.

7 am -8 am – Luna wakes me up. We go outside, I have a coffee and she pops to the bathroom. I use this time to check emails and sort my schedule out for the day.

8 am – I make my wife a brew and Luna wakes her up.

9 am – My wife goes off to work and I settle into a morning of work.

10:30 am – Maybe I have a quick break, make a coffee and we throw the ball for a bit.

Lunchtime (between 12 and 1) we will get out for a walk.

2 pm to 4:30 pm – Working in a local coffee shop while Luna is left at home on her own (before the pandemic).

5:30 pm – My wife comes home and the workday is over.

I Make Sure She Has Time Alone

This is one thing that I think is really important. I don’t want Luna to suffer from separation anxiety and get used to being home 24/7 so a few days a week I go out, sometimes for an hour at a time.

I will do things such as:

  • Pop to the gym at lunchtime
  • Go for a run for an hour
  • Work in a coffee shop for most of the morning or maybe an afternoon
  • Do food shopping

You see what I mean though. I don’t think its good for your dog thinking you will be there 24/7.

Final thoughts

Your dog will work around your schedule. Don’t work around there’s. 

If you have a 3-hour meeting in the afternoon just make sure you get your cockapoo out for a long walk at lunch. They will then most likely snooze all the way through your meeting.