Cockapoo care 101: Here’s all you need to know

The one universal fact about a cockapoo revolves around its adorable nature! Crossbred in the 1960s to be a companion dog, this clown dog had originated in the United States. In case you are wondering about the origin of this funky name, let the crossbreeding history enlighten you. A Cockapoo, with the scientific name Canis lupus familiaris, is a crossbreed between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. They have successfully turned into household names especially in the West and increasingly in the Oriental world.

Here are all the things that you need to know about Cockapoo

  • The Cockapoo weighs around 5.4 kg and 11 kg. Their height ranges from 25 cm to 38 cm. They have a lifespan of 13 years or more. This intelligent crossbred, interestingly, costs less than the other breeds and they need to be regularly groomed. This affordability accounts for its popularity across the world. This breed of dogs needs regular grooming for multiple purposes. The primary reason revolves around medical needs.
  • The myth of Cockapoo being hypoallergenic dogs is busted by their shedding habits. Owing to their low shedding nature, they need to be groomed to avoid complications with the dander- which are the dead skin cells- getting stuck with the minimum hair they shed. Being a part of the Poodle, they have this unique type of dog coat. The next reason is the sense of aesthetics and the overall cheerfulness of the playful member of your life. Their full grooming age being at 5 to 6 months of age, including a full haircut. The general guide to a complete grooming includes brushing them regularly, bathing them frequently, nail clipping, and hair trimming. Their distinctively shaped ear makes them prone to ear infections. Trimming the hair in front of their eyes and regular cleaning of the ears is crucial for sustenance.
  • Crossbreds inherit certain health problems that are common to their parent breeds. In this case, the Cocker Spaniel parent might have hip dysplasia, heart valve disease, eye diseases, intervertebral disc diseases, melanoma, lymphoma, blood diseases. The Poodle parent might have cardiomyopathy, mitral valve heart disease, patellar luxation, or commonly known as the slipped kneecap, kidney disease, eye disorder, immune-related blood disorders, IDD, squamous cell disease, melanoma, lymphoma, or diabetes. Though the probability of inheriting diseases isn’t very pronounced. It is always advisable to discuss the possibility with the breeder.
  • It is pivotal to consider pet preventive care for your pet. These plans help the owner to prepare for the diagnosis of any medical complications that might occur, to the otherwise healthy breed. An array of tests are included to ensure the healthy life of your Cockapoo. These checkups or wellness packages vary for different companies. A thorough examination of the policy and the terms under their coverage is expected out of a committed pet owner. It is ultimately for the prosperity and long healthy life of your companion.
  • They are known to make delightful companions and very friendly pets in general. They are adorable, cute with a temperament suited for all age groups. Making them easy to love and pet. Exercising them for a minimum length of time is necessary. The owners can consider taking them out of the leash at least twice a day. This caters to their physical fitness regime and keeps their emotional well being boosted. Laziness or lack of enthusiasm can be indicators of their depression or some severe medical complications. Consultation with the vet can prevent such occurrences. Any behavior change must be noted and reported. For instance, unnecessarily pushing the head against the wall or hard surfaces can be an indicator.
  • The food for your dog should be judicially picked. High-nutrition food, which is moistened or dried, can be fed to the Cockapoo. The nutritional needs for various breeds of canines vary widely. It is wise to check with the breeder or the vet to ensure the optimal nutrition intake by the Cockapoo. Dog treats should be chosen based on their compatibility with the dog’s diet and health conditions. Treats are ways to spoil a dog and should not be administered in redundant quantities. They often contain high sugar levels and are not the healthiest option for your companion.


It is hard to encapsulate all the particularities of a pet. However, the blog articulates all the necessary pointers that are necessary to be studied about your beloved Cockapoo. They are a healthy breed with relatively less maintenance cost and amicable nature that please everyone. However, these attributes must be considered before adopting or getting a Cockapoo. Their limited communication needs to be complemented with utmost care, love and all their needs must be catered to promptly. This will ensure a healthy relationship with your pet.