Cockapoo owner interview with Emma and Luna

What is the name and age of your Cockapoo and why did you choose that name?

Her name is Luna, she is an apricot cockapoo and she’s 2 in three months’ time. Me and my boyfriend had a list of names ranging from Willow, Twix, Autumn to Sansa Bark and Tails (Sonic’s sidekick). We kept deleting ones from the list, both of us had different ideas on what her name could be, but in the end, we realised the only one we both agreed on was Luna. It suits her, and when we decided on it we hadn’t met any other dogs called Luna, now they seem to be everywhere.

Does your dog have a silly nickname that you have given them and what’s the story behind it?

Luna Long Bottom! This started as she needed a haircut. She doesn’t have a lot of curls so it wasn’t obvious she needed a trim until you see her long haired bottom 😊

She gets ‘Lunes’ or maybe it’s spelt ‘Loons’ a lot too.

Can we have one of your favourite images of your Cockapoo please? Let us know why its one of your favourites.

I love this photo, she was only 5 months old when it was taken. She looks so happy. She loves to get mucky and covered in mud and here in this photo she has spent the day the way she would love to spend everyday – rolling around with her brother (same litter) and getting into trouble.

Does your Cockapoo sleep in a crate, or do they sleep upstairs with you on the bed? What were your reasons for your choice?

She’s done every sleeping arrangement. For the first 2 weeks of us getting her, she was in a crate. But she is quite clever and figured out how to open the gate, and managed to lock herself out of the crate with all her food/water/bedding in. The next night we gave her free reign over the living room and that worked for a while.

At 18 months old, every few nights she would wake us in the early hours barking. If one of us dared nip to the loo in the middle of the night it meant that you would have to sleep the rest of the night downstairs as she would howl and bark. It was getting us down and was stressful. I spent way too many hours in bed desperate for the loo but unwilling to go as I knew it would wake her.

We gave in! Finally, after 18 months it was too much hassle, we let her upstairs to sleep. She had won!

Luckily, she was an angel upstairs, she snuggles in-between us and with the exception of the odd kiss from her in the middle of the night, she sleeps right through.

She still gets excited at bed time and trots about on the bed, proud that she is finally getting what she has always wanted.
We’re all sleeping much better now. Sometimes my boyfriend can go downstairs in the morning, have breakfast and be awake for hours, and she will stay in bed with me. The only con I can say with her sleeping in the bed is her smelly trumps, but she’s cute so she gets away with trying to suffocate us with her toxic gas.

What is the first thing your Cockapoo does in the mornings when you wake up? (Any bed head photos welcome!)

She usually does a little army crawl towards the top of the bed and then just snuggles and kisses me.
Sometimes if I don’t wake up she brings me her favourite ball. I’m keep waking up to a tennis ball at the side of my neck and can’t figure out why she brings me one?

Here is her waking up early as we were all going on holiday. I think she wanted to snooze for a little bit longer.

What food do they eat? Are they on dry food? Wet food? Or a raw diet?

She has Lilly’s Kitchen wet tinned food. They’re not like the tinned food I remember as a kid that would make you gag when you open them. Lilly’s Kitchen looks really nice, you can see proper veg and in all honesty, smells quite nice too! We’ve tried her on different tinned dog food, but all the rest have given her a funny tummy.

She has treats too! Sometimes it can be chicken with gravy, sometimes steak (cause she’s spoilt). I allow her to have human treats too, I grew up with dogs and was use that they get a little bit of what you’re having (obviously, so long as it isn’t toxic to them).

She can be fussy, she loves having a bit of my toast, but only if it has butter on if its marg she snubs it!

What’s their favourite food that they just can’t resist?

She loves cold food, she loves the Doggy Frozen Yogurt on a hot day, and will beg for ice cubes. When doing training with her we found out that she will do anything for a bit of steak/lamb, so we had to use that for a high value treat.

Has your dog been on holiday, if so, where and did they enjoy it? Do you have dog holidays planned? 

She’s been away three times. I would recommend – so far the cottages that we have booked through them have been clean (a must for me, just because I have a dog, does not mean I want to holiday in a place that smells like dog!) perfect locations and Luna has loved them!

We’ve had two summer holidays, one was close to beach were we took Luna every day, and one winter holiday were she got to enjoy acres of woodland and snoozing in front of a log burner. We are hoping to buy a caravan in the future so she can always come away with us where ever we go.

What’s their favourite toy and why?

She adores her Chuckit ball – she only plays with it when we take her to a field as she loves it so much we don’t want her to lose it. It’s bright orange so easier to see and heavier than a tennis ball so you can ‘chuck it’ further, it seems to fit with most throwers too.

What’s the hardest thing about living with a Cockapoo?

I grew up with dogs, but Luna is my first dog where I am the mum. My boyfriend has never had a pet before, even when growing up. We don’t have children so suddenly having someone else to take care of was tough. The first year was so hard. We loved her, but we were so keen to be the best dog owners that we forgot about ourselves. We have now found a nice routine that suits us all.

The truly hardest part is the worry, if she’s licking her paw too much, we can’t just simply ask her if she is okay, and have to make do with the limited information we have to make the decision to take her to the vets or not. In those situations, I wish she could talk and tell us if she’s hurt.

What’s the best thing about living with a Cockapoo?

There are so many, the joy she gets playing fetch makes you go out even in the coldest weather. How contented you feel just snuggling with her and looking into her eyes.

She loves unconditionally – she doesn’t care if I’ve put on a few pounds and my hair is stuck up from sleep, she’s just happy to see me. It doesn’t matter to her that you’re having a bad day and your being snappy, she will just jump up and plonk herself in your lap and demand tummy tickles and kisses until you’re smiling again. The best thing about living with a cockapoo is being loved so much by them. 

Tell us a bit about what happens to your Cockapoo during the day? Are they left alone? If so, how long? Do you use doggy dare care or a dog walker? Do you take them to the field, or prefer to take them for walks?

We’re lucky, my boyfriend works from home all week but he goes out to the gym so she’s never got someone at home 24/7. He’s with her most of the day Monday’s and Friday’s, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s she goes doggy daycare and I work from home on Wednesday’s. I mainly take her to a field to play fetch as she still pulls on her lead and I have a bad back which sets off if I walk her too much. Every night my boyfriend takes her for a long walk too. She’s always out and about, has a better social life than me! We both have brilliant parents who love dog sitting, so if we go anywhere at the weekend it’s rare that she is left too long. Actually, we need to arrange times for her to be alone as she gets quite clingy if she gets used to someone constantly being with her, so on some weekends we will nip out for breakfast without her to ensure she gets some alone time.

Where is their favourite place to go for a walk?

As her favourite thing to do is play fetch, I think she would say a dog-friendly beach. She loves the beach and will spend all day there playing if she could.

What advice would you give to someone looking into getting a cockapoo?

The first year is the hardest. It’s like having a baby, you truly have to want a dog and be prepared to put them first. I was covered in bite marks and scratches and some days it was really tough, even though I loved every inch of her!

Cockapoo’s need a good amount of exercise and get covered in mud quite easily. I know most cockapoo owners sing their praises and I’ve seen people refer to them as ‘Wonder Dogs’ who are perfect for everyone, are hypoallergenic and don’t molt.

It’s not true, Luna molts (a stupid amount!), I’m assuming she could cause allergic reactions. No dog breed is a ‘wonder dog’ that will fit in with everyone’s lifestyle. I think its dangerous to promote them as such, as then possibly someone not ready for a cockapoo will get one and feel like they’re bad as they are struggling coping when everyone else is saying cockapoos are ‘perfect’.

Research loads, find out how often people need to take them to the groomers and how much it costs? Can you take them out twice a day and possibly bath them as they always seem to attract mud? Dog food can be super expensive now, can you afford it? What would you do if you want to go abroad on holiday? Is the person who will be dog sitting active enough to take care of a cockapoo?

I absolutely adore my Luna to bits, but I think it’s best for Cockapoo owners to be brutally honest with people. If you don’t have much time to take them out walking, maybe a smaller dog my suit your lifestyle better?

Research lots of different breeds to see the difference. Join facebook groups and see what people are asking in them. It could be that you don’t have the time to have a puppy, if so, that’s fine, there are lots of older dogs in shelters that need a home. Whichever route you choose, remember that if it was super easy to have a dog, everyone would have one.
And to finish on a happy note, the love you get from them is amazing. I wish we could all live in the moment the way dogs do!

What was the last photo of your dog that you took?

Luna, loving the snow!

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