Does My Pet Really Need Flea, Tick and Heartworm Preventives in the Winter?


It’s a common misconception that pesky fleas, ticks and heartworms die off during the cold winter period – and many pet parents decide to stop using parasite preventatives on their pet as a result.

However, the bad news is, many of these parasites are still as active as ever during winter. It may be chilly outside – but a warm, heated home provides the perfect environment for fleas to breed, and they can even thrive outside in temperatures as cold as -1 degrees Celsius. Ticks and heartworm also take shelter in homes or kennels when the temperate drops, so indoor animals are also at risk.

Leaving your pet vulnerable to these parasites can lead to a host of problems, so it’s extremely important to keep them protected with preventative treatment.

Here, PetBucket, the online retailer of flea, tick and worming treatments, reveals how you can best protect your pet:

  1. Bravecto for dogs

Bravecto is the first FDA-approved treatment that offers a staggering 12 weeks protection against fleas and ticks – and the good news for canine companions is that the treatment comes in tasty chewable tablets!

As well as fleas, Bravecto Chews protect against four troublesome ticks: black-legged (deer) ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, and the lone star tick (for up to 8 weeks).

The chews come in various doses for different sized dogs and are safe to use on puppies from 6 months old who weigh more than 4.4 pounds.

  1. Revolution

Revolution is a monthly topical treatment, available in both canine and feline formulas.

The good thing about Revolution for cats and dogs is that it prevents a broad range of parasites; it prevents heartworm disease, controls flea infestations and treats and controls ear mites. It also treats tick infestations and sarcoptic mange in dogs, and is used to protect moggies against roundworms and hookworms.

  1. NexGard

Similar to Bravecto chews, NexGard is a revolutionary flea and tick preventative that comes in a tasty beef flavored chew. The treatment will protect your four-legged friend for up to 30 days.

Better still, NexGard for dogs doesn’t just prevent pesky parasites it also stops them in their tracks if your dog has already contracted them. When you apply the treatment, if your dog has fleas, you will notice them coming to the top of their fur as they die (within 24 hours). You can then brush them off easily.


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