After some dog freebies for your Cockapoo?

The only thing better than spoiling your cockapoo is being able to spoil him or her without having to spend anything. We’ve put together a list of the best websites that offer some pretty awesome freebies if you’re living in the UK. All you have to do to qualify is sign up.

Please note that we try to keep our information as accurate as possible and at the time of writing all details were correct. We can’t unfortunately be responsible for any offers ending or details changing.

Magic Freebies – Visit site

Magic Freebies describes itself as the most popular site for freebies in the UK and we have to admit they’re one of our favourites. Signing up is like celebrating Christmas every day. You receive 8 new freebies on a daily basis, yes a daily basis, and they range from food and toys to special treats.

Sign up now and get a free two weeks worth of dog food for your pooch worth up to £27. It’s an exclusive offer and completely commitment-free. But be quick because it’s ending soon. Or spoil your furry friend with a free sample of Perfumed Dog Shampoo.

You can also get your paws on a bag of gluten-free Sunday Roast treats from Top Collar. Once your cockapoo is hooked on the taste you can order personalised subscription boxes which include a photo of your pet and his or her favourite treats.

Wow Free Stuff – Visit site

Wow Free Stuff features a top 20 freebie list, that includes anything and everything and they also have different categories. For your pup there’s free food, dental hygiene items, a wide range of treats and accessories. All you need to do is sign up and then decide on which freebies you want.

Our top pick on this site at the moment is the free anti-bacterial pet mat. It’s made of Sanitized© ennobled and resists bacteria and fungus. For older pooches you can get a free sample of YuMove Dog Joint Supplement. The all-natural product eases joint stiffness and increases mobility.

For people who spend a lot of time outdoors or traveling with their cockapoos, this is an awesome item to have. The convenient, take everywhere pop-up water bowl from PetsPyjamas is yours for the low low price of…nothing. It normally costs £4.95 but you can get it for cheaper is you use a coupon code. You can find some valid codes at

Latest Free Stuff – Visit site

Pop on over to Latest Free Stuff to claim your freebies. At the moment the site offers mostly food items but we figure it’s not a bad thing, considering what it costs to keep your best friend fed and happy.

If you have cockapoo pup in the house, or are getting one soon, then you need the Happy Dog UK Puppy Starter Kit. It contains dog food, a measuring cup, a doggy poo bag and vouchers. How cool is that? To take advantage of the freebie you can either print the voucher and take it to your local Happy Dog stockist or use the voucher code online.

How’s this for a great freebie? If you register on the site you get a free membership card from Pets At Home. You’ll save on all your purchases, get exclusive discounts on loads of products and every time you use your loyalty card a donation goes to an animal charity, including the RSPCA and Dog’s Trust. What are you waiting for?

Pet Points – Visit site

We love Pet Points. There are so many offers available on this site you won’t know what to do with yourself. They have everything from pet insurance, exclusive discount vouchers, apps, competitions, services and a whole lot more. At the moment, if you log in now, you can get 10 Pounds to spend on any pet goodies at a pet shop of your choice including WaitrosePets, PetPlan and Pets At Home. You can also get 25% off the ticket price at this year’s National Pet Show in Birmingham on 4th and 5th November.

What really got us excited was this. As a responsible pet owner you will definitely want to take advantage of this offer: free microchipping for your dog. You can save £30 and have your dog microchipped for free courtesy of The Dogs Trust. If you didn’t know, it’s compulsory by law that all pets are microchipped by 6th April 2017 or you could be liable for a £500 penalty fine.Do it now.

Trophy Pet Foods – Visit site

Trophy Pet Foods offers all the nourishment your pet needs to stay healthy and happy. Everything is natural and it’s made right here in the UK. The company isn’t a commercial supplier and over the years their focus has been on premium pet food that never compromises on quality. This site is only food but you get samples for their products

Free Stuff

We love our cockapoos. We love websites that offer freebies. We love it when the two combine and we get freebies for our four-legged friends.

At the moment you can get a free sample of Husse’s dog (& cat) food. It’s a Swedish brand and they use high-quality ingredients for all their products. With Husse’s you know your pup is getting the best.

All mutts go nuts for Tail Twisters Chewylicious Chicken dog chews. If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, head on over to Rosewood Pets, simply sign up to receive their email newsletter and your pup scores. The chews are low in fat, high in protein and big on taste.

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