Driving safety with small dogs, especially Cockapoo’s

PR collaboration with All Car Leasing

Driving safely with your dog is imperative, and especially for smaller dogs like Cockapoos as they can be flung around the vehicle If not correctly restrained; you must take all the right precautions when taking your ‘poo for your beloved walk at the beach. UK personal car leasing firm ‘All Car Leasing’ conducted a study based upon 1,216 dog owners on their driving habits and came to find some interesting results.  They found that 62% of dog owners who let their dog in their car would take their pet into consideration when coming to purchase a new car, based on the size of the car and how practical it was for the dog. Of course, us Cockapoo owners don’t have to worry about that as we treat our little furry friends as family rather than a ‘pet’, and usually stick them on the front seat so that they can stick their tongue out of the window and catch the beaming rays.

However, it is important to remember to strap your dog in with a harness or put them in a crate, because surprisingly it could actually leave you with a fine and a whopping 9 points on your license according to the Highway Code (rule 57). This is because it can be classed as ‘undue care and attention’ which is a punishable driving offence. Marketing assistant Ross Wild at All Car Leasing said when we asked him about the survey: “I have a Cockapoo called Lottie and I always stick her on the front seat when I take her for walks without even thinking, it surprised me when I found out about the possible penalty as it is such a common thing us dog owners do and not only is it a hefty penalty, but I should have thought about Lottie’s safety at the same time!”.

Lottie Lou the Cockapoo

Some Quick Tips for Driving Safely

Always Prepare for Your Journey

We all know that preparing for a journey can sometimes be tedious, but if you make the mistake of forgetting the dog’s tennis ball, it could be the moment between life and death! Joking aside, making sure that you have water, food, toys and your dog lead when going for a walk is a great idea.

Keep Your Cockapoo Busy

We know you can’t exactly play ‘I-Spy’ with your pup, but you know how needy they can be sometimes… it is important to give them a little fuss every now and again to keep them happy and less nervous, as sometimes they aren’t the best of travellers. (if they are on a harness in the front) 😊

Take Breaks

If you decide you want to nip into the beautiful countryside and/or the beach for the day and it ends up being a long journey; make sure to stop for regular potty breaks, treats and ‘drinkies’ to keep your cockapoo happy and content.

Windows Dogs

Making sure that your vehicle is well ventilated is also something to bear in mind when you are taking your dog with you. Something as simple as putting the window down will keep the car nice and cool and your pooch happy as Larry.

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Homeward Hound - Dog Owners And Their Cars

Homeward Hound byAll Car Leasing