Good Dog Walking Coats (For The Humans)

One of the most enjoyable things about owning a cockapoo or any dog is not just the love and fun you get, but the wonderful walks that you can take them on. 

A great form of exercise for both you, the cockapoo owner and the cockapoo, no more being a couch potato, you can be up and out taking your pet for a wonderful long walk, especially if you live in or near the countryside. 

To really enjoy exploring all the beautiful places that can be found all year round, you must, of course, have the appropriate dog walking gear. Along with some decent walking shoes or boots for treks that may be slightly rougher, a good dog walking coat is also imperative. 

What makes a good dog walking coat

With so many winter coats and jackets on the market, this can be a hard choice to make, but it really is an important one. The unpredictable weather conditions that we face while walking our dogs means that it is important to ensure that we are not only protected from a sudden downpour or windy conditions but also that we are kept warm without feeling restricted in movement.  

Different features to look for

There are many features to look out for in a good dog walking coat and below are some of the most important. It will make a great difference to the enjoyment you gain from your walk if you get a coat that suits your needs for walking dogs. 

Water and windproofing

Your dog will need to be walked whatever the weather and for this reason, you should really think about getting one of the waterproof coats or jackets. If you are likely to be out walking your dog for long periods then make sure that is not just water-resistant or showerproof for a short period. 

Also protecting you from those chilly winter winds, it is the wind chill factor that can chill you to the bone as it bites into you, this needs to be something that is both lightweight and breathable, the breathability is an important factor when deciding on which dog walking coat will suit your requirements especially if you are a real trekker. 

Don’t get me wrong, the cheaper non-breathable waterproof designs are great for shorter less strenuous walks or a quick casual stroll with your four-legged friend in wet and cold weather, but you could become very uncomfortable if you wear them for a long and rainy walk.

Will you want a hood?

We might not set out in hard rain, but it is easy to get caught out with the British weather being what it is, and because of this it is worth considering whether or not you would like a permanent or detachable hood, or in fact a hood at all. 

A hooded jacket or coat will protect you from the hardest of rain should you get caught out in a downpour and stop any rain from getting into your coat, but your greatest heat loss is through the head and it can therefore be important to keep it dry in cold winter conditions.

Think about linings!

Walking with your dog will normally mean that you will need to be adaptable, maybe consider a jacket or coat that has a separate fleece that you can either add or take off in changing conditions. You may start out in warmer weather but that can quickly change so being prepared with an extra layer is the best way to go.

Think about how easy that will be to store away easily as you won’t want to end up carrying it, with modern lightweight materials there is plenty to choose from. 

How many pockets?

Will you need plenty of pockets with storm flaps for equipment that you might take with you if you are planning to hike with your dog. While if you are a casual dog walker then you will only need the basics, but it is still a good idea to have flaps. Not only do flaps stop anything from easily falling out but, will also stop water from running in. 

What about cuffs

You will want your cuffs to be a nice fit for both practical and comfort reasons. You can choose from either elasticated or adjustable so think about your needs and choose accordingly.


There are so many extra features that you can consider too, maybe you are walking by roads, then having a reflective trim for safety is a good idea.  

With so many designs and products available finding a good dog walking coat can be a difficult decision and we hope that by pointing out some of the most important features this has helped you on the way to finding the one for you to enjoy through the seasons with your cockapoo.