Are Cockapoos Good With Children?

Cockapoos are generally a good family pet and suitable for children. However, it will all depend on how your children are with your cockapoo and how your cockapoo is introduced to them.

Let’s take a look at some of the key things that will ensure that your cockapoo is good with your children.

Let’s see Why They Are Good With Children

Make The First Experience A Positive One

This is key. You want your dog to not be overwhelmed when they meet the children. Have the children sit down and stay low to the ground. Tell them to keep voices quiet and let the puppy or dog come to them. It might be good to have the children give the dog some treats.

They Have Lots Of Energy

Just like your kids, cockapoos have a lot of energy. This can work wonders for tiring them both out. If you don’t have time to take the dog for their evenings walk, then the kids will love playing fetch in the garden with the dog. This is a win-win, the dog ends up tired and it also helps your children become tired in the evening after being out playing with the dog.

Make Sure They Fit Your Lifestyle

You want to make sure that there’s room in your life (and house) for a cockapoo. They might not be the biggest dog, but as mentioned above they will require lots of exercise. A small house that’s already full might not be the best place for a cockapoo and you might want to look for a smaller breed that’s better suited to a small house.

Give The Dog Its Own Space

This is probably the most important part when it comes to any dogs, not just a cockapoo. It might be all fun and games having your children play with the cockapoo but there will be a time when your cockapoo needs their own space (as we all do).

It’s good to teach the children boundaries and give the dog their own safe space. Maybe this is a space under the stairs, or if they are crated it could be their crate. Where ever it is the children need to be told that if the dog goes to that area then the dog is to be left alone. The dog might be tired or just need a break from the noise of a busy house.

Its also important to teach the children not to be cruel to the dog and not to hit them.