How do you know when your cockapoo is getting old

It’s a sad fact, but eventually, your cockapoo will become old. Each dog will become old at a different time, which is just the same as us humans. Some 80-year-olds will still be getting about without any problems, while other 80-year-olds might be struggling.

There are some signs to look for when your dogs getting older and I also have some ideas of how to help them.

How do you know when your dog is a senior?

Slowing down

If you have noticed that your dog is getting slower when they are chasing the ball, or just generally a bit slow when they are moving around the house then its probably because they may be heading into their older years. A dog can’t tell you that they are getting slow or that they have some aches and pains when they get off the sofa but there’s something you can do to help. I haven’t had to use this personally as Luna is only 5 but YuMove joint supplements is a product that I see recommended a lot on the Cockapoo Facebook pages.

Their face colourings

This will be harder to spot in some coloured dogs compared to others. The grey hairs around their nose and mouth are always easier to notice in black or brown dogs when compared to white dogs. I personally think it’s quite cute when they develop these features on their face.

Less responsive to sound

Have you ever been round to your Grandma’s house and realise that she can’t hear what you are saying. The same happens with dogs. Don’t worry if your dog can’t hear you as well as they used to be able to, they are not ignoring you, they just probably can’t hear you quite as well as they used to.

For some, this could be a blessing in disguise. Especially if you have a reactive dog that barks at any noises they hear.

Changes in their food

Dogs usually eat their food as fast as possible. Cockapoos can be very greedy and there’s a good chance your dog eats their food quickly once it’s put down in front of them.

If you notice your dog is eating their food slower then it could just be down to age, or it could be they have a problem with their teeth that they can’t tell you about. It could be worth a quick trip to the vets if you think they are a bit too young to be eating that slowly. There is also special senior dog food that’s going to be a bit easier for them to eat. This could be something you look into.

Changes in their habits and routine

Dogs love to sleep, but if your dogs sleeping more than they used to then it just be down to old age. I’m only in my 30s but I do appreciate a lie in more than I did when I was 18. Your dog sleeping more than it used to is perfectly normal so don’t worry that much. However, if they are up in the middle of the night when they never used to be or are having accidents in the house then it could be worth a trip to the vets.

Doesn’t chase tennis balls as much

I think most cockapoos love to chase tennis balls. I know the moment Luna loses some interest in this then it’s a sign that she’s getting old. Right now, she’s 5 and runs after the ball like she’s running for her life. I am sure by about 7 or 8 she will be running a bit slower for the ball.

How you can help your older dog

Your dog can’t communicate to you that they need some help when they are getting older, but there are some things you do to help them enjoy their senior years.

Swap their chews 

You might want to think about swapping your existing chews for ones that help them with their joints and mobility. Theres loads out there and again I would recommend the YuMove ones

Pet ramps

Your cockapoo might need a pet ramp for a few reasons.

One of these could be getting in and out of the car, especially if you put your dog in a crate in the boot.

The other sort of dog ramp is one for your sofa so that your dog can get on and off the sofa with ease.

Teeth cleaning

Dog chews can only do so much and by about the age of around 5, they will need to likely be booked into the vets to get their teeth cleaned. Luna has just turned 5 and they recommended we get her booked in and have them properly cleaned. We will do that soon, it’s just a worry that they have to be sedated to do it which always carry a small risk.

You may need to change

You will have to be patient with your dog as they get older. If you used to take them on big hikes then there’s a chance you may have to do smaller walks.

If your dogs having a few accidents inside the house, then don’t get mad at them, just realise that they might not be able to hold it in as well as they used to.