How to convince your parents to get a cockapoo

So, you really want to get a cockapoo but your parents keep saying no.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways that might help convince them to allow a cockapoo into your home.

How to show your parents you should have a dog

There are so many ways to show them, but we are going to look at the key areas.

Show that you are responsible

  • Help out doing small jobs around the house.
  • Help with the dishes
  • Help in the garden
  • Do your homework

Helping with expenses

One of the main reasons your parents say no could be down to the expenses that come along with owning a dog. Dogs can be expensive, so hopefully, you can understand their concern.

Maybe you could offer to help out with this by getting a part-time job. If you are not old enough for a part-time job then maybe you could earn some money each month by doing some of the following things.

  • Walking your parent’s friends dogs for them. This then shows you can take care of a dog and could help get you some extra money.
  • Washing cars in your local area. I used to clean cars down at my local car garage which was boring, but very easy for the money I made.
  • Mowing lawns in your local area.

Those are all possible options if you are not quite 16 and able to get a proper full-time job.

Volunteer at a local rescue centre

Have a look at what local animal rescue centres are near you. It could be that you can do a few hours after school one day, or maybe a morning on the weekend. This will help show your parents that you can dedicate time to owning a dog.

What happens to the dog when you move out?

Your parents are bound to ask what happens when you move out. I bet they will end up loving the dog so much that they will want the dog to stay with them.

However, you need to think of a plan for then you do move out so that you will be able to take the dog with you. If you plan on moving to a city centre apartment with a friend in a few years time then maybe a cockapoo isn’t the best dog for you.

Let your parents know all the benefits of owning a dog

There are so many benefits to owning a dog, so make sure you let them know these.

Dogs make us feel safer

Ok, so cockapoos are not the best guard dog, but if your parents go out for a meal in the evening or are at work they might feel safer knowing that there’s a dog at home watching out for you.

It helps teaches you responsibility 

This could be a big angle for you to win your parents over.

Taking care of a dog is a lot of work. They will need regular walking, grooming etc and if you let your parents know how owning a dog will help you grow then this could work in your favour.

You could also show them why a cockapoo is best for you, them, and your families lifestyle.

It gets you out more and have a healthier lifestyle

If your parents are moaning at you to get out more then a dog could help solve that problem. A dog needs walking or taking to a field at least once a day. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time playing computer games and having a dog would have got me outside a lot more.

Find out why your parents don’t want a dog

I know when I lived at home my mum didn’t want a dog in the house. My dad wanted one but we never ended up getting one. At the time I didn’t understand her reasons, but I do now.

What happens when you go on holiday?

This was one of my mums biggest concerns. Who would look after the dog when we went away? I don’t think there was as many dog kennels around as there are now. We have a dog sitter that Luna loves who will stay at our house with the dog when we go away for a weekend. Usually my wife parents look after the dog, but there are times when they cant.

How to reply.

Let them know there’s so many options out there. From dog sitters who will stay in your house, dog sitters who will let your dog stay in their house and also boarding kennels. The other option is to holiday in the UK in a cottage or caravan and take the dog with you.

Owning a dog is too expensive.

This is likely to be the number 1 reason why your parents don’t want a dog. Let them know that you would prefer to adopt a dog it helps to save on costs. It’s also a nice thing to do.

They might also talk about all the equipment you need and the ongoing food costs needed to feed the dog.

How to reply

Let them know you would be willing to help pay for some ongoing fees each month. If you can’t get any sort of part time job maybe offer to help do more around the house to help your parents out and use this as a bargaining tool.

You’ll lose interest in the dog

Your parents may worry that you will get all excited about the dog and then after a few months grow bored of it and that they will pick up the slack.

How to reply

Let them know that this won’t happen and that you have already shown commitment by helping around the house more and trying to improve at school.

The dog will destroy the house

Your parents have worked hard to buy everything in their house, so hopefully, you can understand their concerns that a dog is going to come in and chew up the sofa or eat the remote control.

How to reply

Let them know that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog and that because you are committed to walk the dog each day and play with it that a lot of its energy will be taken out on that. This means that the dog won’t become bored and chew up their house.


Hopefully some of the tips above will help you to convince your parents to get a cockapoo. They really are a fantastic dog that all the family will love.