Interactive Toys That Your Dog Will Love

I did an article recently about how to keep your dog entertained on a rainy day and one of the ideas was interactive toys. I thought i’d expand on that and talk about some of the games we have for Luna, and some other recommended toys.

Your Cockapoo is half poodle, half spaniel (hopefully haha) which is a mix of 2 very clever breeds. Therefore its important to make sure that they actually use it. It will be a good way to tire them out and they will have loads of fun in the process.

Here are some I would recommend.

1. Trixie Dog Activity Board

Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board, 23 cm, Assorted color
24,378 Reviews

We have one that’s very similar to this that Luna loves. She will sometimes get very frustrated with it if she can’t get to the treats fast enough. She will stop, and look at me as if to say “help me get these, I can’t get them” and sometimes give a bark at it. Her tails wagging, so she is happy and she has never got bored of this game and we have owned it for a few years now.

2. The Kong Wobbler.

KONG - Wobbler - Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, Dishwasher Safe - For Large Dogs
9,259 Reviews

I did a separate review on this with Luna. Its her favourite toy, EVER. Its just so simple, fill it full of your cockapoos favourite treats, put it down and away they go. Luna will whack it for ages. Just watch out for the treats spilling out and going under your sofa as that can leave you with one very frustrated dog.

3. Trixie Dog Activity Turn Around

Trixie 32019 Dog Activity Turn Around, 22 × 33 × 18 cm
3,934 Reviews

This isn’t one that I personally own but its one I’ve seen mentioned on Facebook groups by other Cockapoo owners. Its a great toy but it can take them some getting used to at first. The only reason we don’t have it as that its a bit big to store when not in use and wouldn’t fit in any of our storage cupboards.

4. A snuffle mat

I keep meaning to order one of these. It’s a mat that’s meant to help mimic a dog’s natural hunting and sniffing skills. You fill it randomly with plenty of your dog’s favourite treats. The design of the mat makes it awkward for your dog to easily eat the treats. This means that it can take them quite a while to find them all and really make them use their brain. If it becomes dirty it can be thrown in the washing machine.

5. Idept Dog Toy Ball

We have one of these to put Luna’s kibble in. She loves balls and loves her food so there’s no better combination. She gets that annoyed with it that she throws it out of her mouth, slamming it against the floor to make the food fall out.