Is A Cockapoo A Good First Dog

Having decided that you would like to fill your home with the love and fun that a Cockapoo can bring you will need to consider whether the Cockapoo is suitable for you, your home and your lifestyle.

You have fallen in love with the gorgeous Cockapoo mixed breed that has recently become one of the most popular dogs in the UK but is a Cockapoo a good first dog choice to make.

Things to consider when choosing a Cockapoo

There are some very important factors to take into account before rushing out and getting a new puppy or dog, whether that be a cockapoo or not. 


Is your lifestyle conducive to having a young puppy in your life, puppies just like babies will need a lot of your time and attention. Are you out at work all day, can you fulfil their need for this attention?

Are you prepared to exercise him/her, because Cockapoos are high energy dogs and come rain or shine, as your puppy grows it will need to go out and about for walks and have lots of play/exercise?

Cockapoos are also very intelligent dogs that thrive on human companionship, meaning they will want to be with you all the time, so if you, or someone in your household, is not usually at home all day you should maybe reconsider the choice of a Cockapoo or in fact any puppy or really young dog. 

You may be thinking of rescuing or adopting a slightly older Cockapoo, even then you will still need to consider this trait of loving to be with you, along with the fact they are a very intelligent dog that can get bored easily which may lead to destructive behaviour, barking or even worse cause the dog to suffer separation anxiety to which Cockapoos can be prone. 

If you think your lifestyle suits and are prepared for the hard work of exercising, playing, training and grooming then a Cockapoo will reward you and your family with more love and enjoyment than you could ever want from a pet. 

Your home

Is your home really ready to welcome in a messy, very playful and sometimes destructive puppy? Sadly a lot of people greatly underestimate just how much work and effort this new addition to the family can require, hence the fact that you can now occasionally find the young mixed breed or designer dogs, such as the Cockapoo, in animal shelters. 

However, if you think you have the right environment and are ready, able and willing to give your attention, socialise and train a puppy dog then a Cockapoo will make a great family pet and companion that will bring you so much pleasure and enjoyment as it grows.

If you are hesitant about the commitment that a puppy needs then why not take a look at your local animal rescue centres, see if they have a slightly older Cockapoo waiting for a loving home, it will be just as rewarding if not more so because you will be saving a wonderful dog from the kennels. 


The Cockapoo is an adorable dog and was one of the first of the mixed breeds, bred not only for the coat of the poodle that is low shedding but for the temperaments that both the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle have. 

Generally, there is always an exception to the rule in any breed, they are regarded as being an extremely friendly hybrid breed that loves being around people, including children, however, this can be a problem if you need to leave your Cockapoo alone for extended periods of time as they will get bored and can suffer from separation anxiety.

Both parent breeds are known to be intelligent and the mix to Cockapoo is no exception, making them a good choice for a new owner as they are responsive and fast learning in general, albeit because of their high energy level they can be hard work, requiring a lot of exercise and stimulation, this should be taken into account when opting for a Cockapoo. 

General care and health

Cockapoos are a lively and happy dog that just oozes a character that will enrich your life, but, when it comes to general care you must be aware that they will need a lot of grooming and if you are unable to do it yourself then you must be prepared for the trips to a professional to ensure their beautiful coat stays in tip-top condition with no matting so be sure that you can budget for this.

If you are getting a Cockapoo for the low shedding coat you may be in for a shock as the coat can vary, the breeder can advise reasonably early in their life but it is not a given that the coat of the poodle will be the coat they have once in adulthood. 

Healthwise they are not any better or worse than other hybrids and can their problems like any dog, generally, they are a healthy happy dog but, that being said you must have the budget for vet bills etc. 


Yes, a Cockapoo can be a good first dog for novice owners as long as the key points above fit in with their lifestyle. Cockapoos make great family pets and will be a loyal and faithful dog, but they can be hard work requiring a lot of attention, stimulation and exercise along with a lot of grooming. If that is what you have to offer then you will just love having a Cockapoo as your first dog.