When Should Your Dogs Last Time For Toilet Be?

Knowing when the best time for your cockapoo or dog to have its last toilet is essential for both a good nights sleep and for the comfort of your pet through the night. Although in saying that there are no hard and fast rules for knowing when this time is. 

A lot will depend on your routine, Luna’s last pee time is about 10.30 pm and during the winter she will not be outside after about 8 pm which helps to ensure that she will go later. Mind you that does not always work, we still get the odd 3 am wake up call from her, but thankfully that is rare.

Housetraining your dog for night time

Generally, we are lucky in the fact that both cockapoos, along with all dogs and puppies, do not need to pee as often at night, so this can make it easier for us humans to manage their bathroom break needs. 

If you have a rescue dog or have adopted an adult dog when they are new to your home you may find like puppies that they will need to go out during the night, so be prepared for this. But, that being said you should find that an older dog will settle down after just a few days. 

Once they have adjusted to the new people in their lives, their new surroundings and possibly a new diet that may have affected their digestive system etc you should find that your new pet will go through the night. 

What you can do to help get your dog through the night? 

There will be accidents, especially if housetraining a puppy cockapoo, remember here. they have not messed in the house on purpose or just for devilment, so avoid telling them off at all costs, just clean up the mess and carry on, ignoring them as you go. 

Try not to let your dog your puppy sleep too much before bedtime, play with them, maybe take them for a walk or just fuss them, keeping them awake will, like us, mean that they will need their sleep more when it is time to go to bed. 

Avoid giving them a meal late in the day, I don’t have to tell you why for this one, and to make a night time toilet break easier for all in the house, have everything you need ready to hand. Dressing gown, keys for doors, a torch if required, you get the idea.  

If they do wake you during the night do not fuss them, after all its not playtime, take them straight to their toilet area and wait for them to perform. Once the potty break is over give praise quietly and return them calmly to their sleeping area. Any behaviour you allow during this bathroom break will tell them that it is normal and if they like it they will wake you to get it again. 

Before you can expect your new dog or puppy to last through the night you must have, and stick, to a good daytime routine. Initially, for puppies, this will be a pretty tough regime for you and yes, you will spend a lot of time with and give a lot of your attention to your puppy. But, once you have succeeded it will all have been worth it and you can be proud.  

Quick guide for a house training routine

Take your puppy to where you want the potty break to happen, whether that is a garden, on puppy pads, or on a walk. Do this when they get up in the morning, after food, or when they wake from a nap, after play time, every half hour or so, the more often the better. 

Choose a command that you want to use to prompt a pee break and repeat this, something like ‘pee-pee time’ and be sure to praise, give positive reinforcement and treat when done. Remember this is only a quick guide and there is plenty of advice that you can research in more detail. 

A puppy will have very little if any bladder control initially but this will gradually change and with plenty of training and guidance they will start giving signs of when they need to go, so keep an eye for any habitual behaviour they might start displaying when they need a pee.

Being near your dog at toilet time is also a good way of spotting some health issues that they may have, such as urinary tract infection or digestive problems.