Making A Scrapbook For Your Dog

This is just meant as a bit of fun. Its something all the family can get involved in.

Dogs are a member of your family so why not create a scrapbook for them. Its something you can look back on when the dogs in their twilight years and remember all the times they were a puppy biting and chewing everything in sight. At the time, that was stressful but now you can look back on it and laugh at all the photos.

So many of us take pictures of our dogs on our phones, then we change phones a few years later and realise we have lost some great pictures. I have lost quite a few ones of Luna from when she was younger due to my phone breaking. I wish I had printed them out and kept a physical record of them.

Example Scrapbooks

I think a nice A4 size scrapbook is the best. It’s large enough to put print outs in, but also small enough that it’s not too big and annoying.

What Sort Of Stuff Goes Into A Scrapbook?

If you are like me, you are going to have a large number of photos on your phone. I think I have more photos of my dog than anything else. Most of them are utter rubbish and I should really sit down and go through them and sort out the best ones.

There are apps on your phone that you can literally upload your photo to, and within a few clicks they will send you out physical copies of them. For me, this is the easiest way and it saves downloading them onto a pen drive, then finding a shop that prints them etc. You want to make your scrapbook fun!

Here are some milestones of pictures and memories that I think should be added into your cockapoo scrapbook.

Journalling and Images

As well as just images, it might be good to add some notes next to each picture. Or you could use the left hand side pages to journal and tell a story about the image – which could be on the right hand side of the page. I remember reading a book about a footballer and it had images of his career on the right, and the left hand side told the story behind it. It really stood out as being fun and easy to read and I think that would work well for a scrapbook.

Should you start chronologically? 

This is the way I would do it. Start off from when you first met your dog, all the way up until have they passed over the rainbow bridge.

When You First Met

Did you first meet your cockapoo at a breeders, or did you meet them at a shelter. I would get some images of this as it was likely a special experience and its when they found their forever home.

Naming Day

How did you decide on your dogs name? What inspired it? Who thought of it?

Also, make a list of all the daft and silly names you call your dog. Ours is Luna, but shes called Lunes, Lunatic, Looney Tunes etc 

Favourite Things They Do

What the thing that they love to do? Chase the squirrel when its in the garden? Play with the ball constantly?

Your Favourite Time With Your Dog

Was there a special walk you liked to do? Or maybe a holiday that was really good. We have a few holidays that were basically for Luna! Right near the beach, or somewhere quiet away from fireworks.

First Bath

Ah, Luna didn’t like her first bath at all. Now shes a lot better. I wouldn’t say she loves it, but shes fine with it. We have some great pictures of her in the bath.

Naughtiest Time

Being a cockapoo owner I am sure we all have pictures of this. We have one when Luna destroyed 2 cushions then ran outside onto wet grass, then charged back in. I was not happy!

Favourite Toys

Is there a favourite soft toy they like to carry around? Or maybe a favourite ball?

Things You Love About Your Dog

Ok, this part could be big!


Times spent on the beach? Or times spent on the caravan site with walks along the river?

A Day In The Life

Snooze, eat, snooze, eat, snooze some more. I’m just joking! However, a day in the life section would be good.

Paw Prints

Why not finish off your scrapbook with some paw prints 🙂