Must have car items for cockapoos

For those of you that take your dogs on long journeys it’s essential that you have supplies in the car for your dog just in case of any situations that might arise.

A friend of mine once got stuck on the motorway for 8 hours with his dog in the car. Luckily, because he’s sensible, he had a car full of supplies and was able to keep the dog entertained and fed. He was only 30 minutes from home, so it wasn’t a big road trip, which just shows you can get caught out anywhere.

Even if your dog is great on car journeys its still a good idea to have an emergency kit list in the boot, or under one of the back seats. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of room.


1. Collapsible bowl

This can be used to either feed your dog from or for them to drink from. As its collapsible, it won’t take up much room

While you can stop for food or snacks along the way, your dog is counting on you to make sure he has plenty of food and water during your long car trip. Make sure to bring your dog’s food so that he can eat, along with water and a collapsible bowl for your dog to drink from. The collapsible bowl will help to save space in your car as well!

2. Spare poo bags

Even if you are not on a road trip I think its a good idea to have these in your car. These have saved me a few times at the local park when I have been caught out and I then remembered I have some spares in the car. 

If you are caught in stationary traffic and need to let your dog out to do their business on the side of the road then these are essential.

3. A spare towel.

We have a few old towels that have become dedicated dog towels. We always like to keep at least one spare in the boot. These are essential as the weather might take a turn when you are at the field. The last thing you want is your nice clean car to become a cockapoo mud bath.

4. Some treats

If your dogs playing up on a long journey or becomes frustrated then a few treats might help pass the time. We have a small bag of some long lasting treats and chews. These are locked away in the boot so that she can’t smell them all the time.

5. A water bottle.

Theres a 2 litre water bottle in our boot at all times. I wouldn’t want to be trapped in a hot car with Luna and have no water. It will also come in handy for yourself as well.

6. Dried dog food.

We always keep a bit of spare kibble in the boot. Chances are Luna will never need this as she would prefer the treats but its no harm in having a small cup full.

7. A dog toy

We have a small cuddly toy in the car. This stays in the car at all times for Luna to play with/chew on long journeys.

Final Thoughts

What essentials do you keep in your car? Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments.