My Visitors Don’t Like My Dog – What Should I Do?

Your cockapoo is a family member, and to you, they are the best dog in the world. However, we have to remember that not everyone likes dogs and we have to respect their reasons for that.

When I was younger I was not a fan of dogs. If we were visiting a family who owned a dog, I was always on edge and would try and get out of the visit. I’m not sure where the fear came from, and it wasn’t until I got my own dog that I have got over it. Even now though, I’m still not 100% comfortable with strange dogs.

Some Tips For If Your Visitors Don’t Like Dogs

Warn Your Guests

I think it’s always important to warn all guests that you have a dog. If we have a plumber or handyman visit I will always ask them if they are ok with dogs. Most of them say it’s fine. My dog, Luna, does not like strangers but she will want to have a good sniff of them. Once she’s done this and sussed them out she’s usually fine and will ignore them as long as they don’t go near them.

On the other hand, we have some friends who own a dog who’s the friendliest dog in the world. All he wants to do is lick your face over and over. I love it and love giving him attention. However, I know others (like my mum) would not appreciate a dog in their face so you have to check how your guest would react to a really friendly Cockapoo.

I see it on Facebook groups a lot that all their Cockapoo wants to do is say hello to everyone and greet every guest. I think 90% of Cockapoos will love visitors and be friendly with them. It just depends if your dog will love visitors!

Give Your Dog A Treat

If you are not someone who wants to lock your dog away, then save a very special toy or treat that only comes out in these special circumstances. You want the treat or toy to be that good that they want to spend time with that rather than your guest.

Dog Gate

I haven’t got one of these, but I think they are a great option, not only for guests but for if you have other stuff to do such as housework.

If your cockapoo acts up if it’s locked in another room then a dog gate could be perfect. This way, your cockapoo can watch what’s going on and keep an eye on you all. It will still feel part of the family when compared to being locked outside or locked in another room. I’ve seen many people comment that they put their dog away behind a baby gate. It’s a win-win, I don’t think its good to lock the dog away, but it’s important to make your guest feel comfortable.

See if you can get your guest to warm to your dog.

Once your visitor settles it could be worth asking them if they want to give your dog a treat. This will help your cockapoo see that this guest is nice and hopefully it will form a little bond for your visitor between your dog and them.

A friend of mine used to come round each week when Luna was a pup. He would bring a treat every time he came round and Luna loves him coming round (she’s scared of most people). 

What I’ve also done is assigned a name to each guest that comes round. We don’t have many, but I want Luna to know who is coming so she knows what to expect. A few minutes before the guest is coming I’ll say “Andy is coming”, or whatever their name may be.

Pet allergies or really scared

There will be certain circumstances when your guest won’t want to be around your pet. This can be awkward for everyone.

Try putting your dog in a different room with a big treat as mentioned before. This might only keep them busy for a short time though so maybe try a big treat, then after that a big new toy that they can chew on for ages.

If your dog can be trusted outside and its a nice day then you could let them have a good sniff around. My gardens only small and its got high fences and on the odd occasion if we have had a repair guy or handyman round its worked really well. She will sit at the patio doors giving me sad eyes but I will reassure her that everything is fine.

Final Thoughts

It can be extremely hard work for both you and your dog if your visitors don’t like your dog. You have to respect that not everyone loves dogs and let your guest know that you have taken their thoughts into consideration.