Red Cockapoo

If you are looking for a new member of the family…a four-legged, waggy tailed member…then you may have already settled on a Cockapoo. We are not too surprised here at CockapooHQ if you have, as they are one of the best-loved crossbreeds and breeds in general in this country. In a recent poll conducted through an ITV show called Top 100 Dogs Live 2019, it was found that the Cockapoo ranked at number second just beneath the mighty Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Why are Cockapoos so popular as a breed? Although a lot of it comes down to the fact that many people think they are 100% hypoallergenic (to be clear, they are not, because no dog can be), have wonderfully friendly and positive temperaments and are available in a stunning variety of smart and handsome colours.

Is the Red Cockapoo Popular?

Although varieties such as the golden cockapoo or even the black cockapoo are much more popular, there is still a lot of interest in red cockapoo puppies and breeders regularly receive requests for fox red cockapoo puppies.

How Much Does a Red Cockapoo Puppy Cost?

It should be noted that the price will vary from breeder to breeder, but as fox red cockapoo is a very distinctive looking animal, it will often fetch for a much higher price than other, more common but popular colours.

How Big Will a Red Cockapoo Full Grown Be?

Like all Cockapoos in the UK, the most popular size of the crossbreed is the standard or maxi, which measures at around 15-inches to their shoulder. As the colour of their fur has little impact or effect on their size, Red Cockapoo adults will be as big as other varieties

While you will find the toy and teacup red cockapoo puppies, they are less common in the UK.

Where Can You Find Fox Red Cockapoo Puppies?

As you are looking for a specific colour, the best place to look for red cockapoo puppies is through a breeder. You need to understand that there is no exact science to breeding dogs of a specific colour. However, if either or both parents have red coats, they are more likely to produce a litter with at least one red cockapoo puppy.

Does that mean you should start thinking about red cockapoo names just because you have found a breeder that has successfully bred dogs in that colour? No. It also doesn’t mean you should opt for a breeder based on the colour they can purportedly breed dogs in. You need to base it on their reputation and whether they are a reputable and good breeder or not.

Of course, it is not just directly from breeders where you can get cockapoos. Given the number of dogs that are given up for adoption and end up in rescue centres, it is always worth considering a rescue animal. It may mean you need to hunt high and low if you are dead set on owning a red cockapoo, but the joy of giving your home to a dog that has been abandoned and even abused through no fault of his or her own can be immeasurable.