Save your lawn with Dog Rocks

When we got Luna, we had a lawn, it was lovely and green. After we got Luna it soon became patchy and looked a right mess. We did start to water the bits of grass where she went to water her wee down, but it wasn’t always possible to catch where she was going.

Dog Rocks 100% Natural Urine Patch Preventer - 200g Bag
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Dog Rocks 100% Natural Urine Patch Preventer - 200g Bag
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In the end, we got rid of the lawn and had it all paved. It’s easier to manage, but I do miss getting rid of the grass.

At the time, I had never heard of dog rocks, but it’s a product a friend of mine uses who has a lawn that still looks really good.

It’s as easy putting these rocks into your dog’s water bowl. This removes the impurities from the water (and is safe for your dog)

So, how does it work?

Dog rocks are an Australian product that filters out some of the nitrates that your dog will drink from its water bowl. A quote from their website says that “Dog rocks work like a sponge, absorbing excess nitrates and other elements from your dog’s water that causes urine to burn grass”.

All you have to do is add 200mg into half a gallon of water and then you will never get yellow patches on your grass again.


I would not expect the results to be as perfect as it shows on the packaging. You are not going to go from burnt grass to grass that looks as good as a golf course green, but you will definitely see an improvement on your existing lawn.

You will usually find that your dog goes to the bathroom in the same few areas each time, so it should be easily noticeable within 30 days.

Other things to consider

I did some extra reading and it should be noted that your dog’s diet may also play a factor in how much they burn the grass. Look for high-quality dog food with high levels of protein.

It’s also important that you replace the dog rocks every few months as they won’t last forever and their magical qualities will eventually wear off.