Why I Stopped Feeding My Cockapoo Rawhide Treats

For about the first 2 years of my dog’s life, I was giving her rawhide treats all the time. Mainly these ones, that have chicken all on the outside.

The Ingredients 

When you look at the ingredients you will see that they are 50% rawhide with the rest being made up of chicken and other stuff.

I was done by the marketing and the fact that these treats lasted Luna for ages. These were a godsend when she was younger as it just kept her busy for a long time which meant we could maybe get through an episode of our latest Netflix series without being interrupted for once.

I then saw a few posts on Facebook that said just how bad rawhide was and what it actually was!

Even though the Goodboy branded chew above is from a reputable rawhide supplier its still not something I want to feed my dog.

Rawhide is actually animal hide that’s bleached, coloured and rolled up to make a chew shape. All sorts of chemicals are added to them and I’ll take a quote from The Bark to add here. 

“…the Material Safety Data Sheet reveals a toxic confection containing the carcinogen FD&C Red 40, along with preservatives like sodium benzoate. But tracking the effects of chemical exposure is nearly impossible when it’s a matter of slow, low-dose poisoning.” 

All sorts of glue are added to it as well.

Basically, if your dog swallows this and it gets stuck it can cause big issues.

My advice is for the safety of your dog to avoid these.

There are many alternatives that are much healthier and provide just as much fun for your dog.

If you want to read a more in-depth article about Rawhide then check out this article.

What about an Antler?

We much prefer Luna to have an antler chew now. These are more natural and less likely to cause any issues. They also get great reviews on Amazon by other dog owners.

Luna’s Antler is now much smaller as shes chewed it that much. We will have to get her a new one soon.

Some Other Treats With No Rawhide

Despite me using the Good Boy brand as one that contains rawhide we do like most of their other chews that don’t contain it. As does Luna. They are not on the cheap side, but I feel they are a decent product.

Good Boy Chewy Chicken Fillets

These are ones we prefer to feed Luna. They don’t last as long as the rawhide ones as there’s not as much for her to chew on. These can be broken up though and put into her Kong which she does like to play with.

Final Thoughts

Do your research. The pet food niche is something that is not regulated as much as human food so all sorts of stuff could be added into your dogs treats. I always think back to the olden days before dog treats or dog food was invented. Dogs lived to a fine old age back then without any fancy treats!