Taking Your Cockapoo On A Bus

I’ve only taken my cockapoo on a bus a few times. I’m not the biggest fan of it, but there have been times when I’ve needed to do it.

Here Are Some Tips For Taking Your Dog On A Bus

The last time was when my car had broken down and I had to get to the vets. I decided it would be a new experience for us both to take the bus there and back as its only a short journey. Here’s what I learnt taking my cockapoo on a bus, and also some other tip’s that I’ve researched.

Take Some Treats (My Top Tip)

This is key for me getting Luna through most situations that shes, not 100% comfortable with. She’s almost 5 now, and I really don’t think shes suddenly going to change overnight and become a super confident dog. Therefore, I always carry some of her favourite treats with me. On the bus this worked really well as it helped keep her calm and I fed her a portion of her chew sticks every minute or so. This made her focus on me and forget the fact that she was on the bus.

Use It During Quiet Times (My Second Top Tip)

If you can. Do a trial run with your dog during a time you know the bus is likely to be quite empty. Maybe in the evening after the rush hour has ended. That way, if you run into any issues it will be easier for everyone.

People Will Make A Fuss Over Your Dog

Cockapoos are cute. It’s very likely that people on the bus will want to fuss over your dog, say hello to them and give them a stroke. This all depends on how comfortable you are with them approaching your dog and how your dog reacts to them. I am not a fan of strangers just reaching out and trying to stroke Luna. It’s rude and they should ask first.

If your dog loves the attention, then its brilliant. She will associate the bus ride with everyone wanting to say hello to her and give her all the attention she wants.

Make Sure They Know Basic Commands

It goes without saying that your dog should be kept on the lead and close by you at all times. Don’t use an extendable lead, or if you do then don’t let it extend and let your dog wander all over the bus. Not everyone likes dogs and those leads will be a trip hazard in a space as small as bus.

What I’d recommend is keeping your dog on a short lead and having them sit in between your feet. That way, they are not in the way of other bus users, you can keep your eye on them with them being on a short lead they are not going to make a bee line for the door if it opens at a stop.


Please don’t let your dog bark on the bus. The noise of it being in such a confined space with other people is likely to wind people up.

Check The Rules

Always check the rules of your local council buses but it can be at the driver’s discretion.