Why Do So Many People In The UK Want Hybrid Dog Breeds Such As The Cockapoo

So, why do so many people in the UK want hybrid dog breeds such as the cockapoo? There are various reasons for this and if you are the proud owner of a cockapoo then for you the answer is easy, they are just adorable, intelligent and loving. 

But asides from that, are there really any benefits gained with hybrid breed dogs otherwise known as designer dogs? There is actually quite a debate on this matter, for example, a lot of us will have heard it be said that pedigree dogs, purebred breeds, are more likely to suffer from health issues, but is that fact or fiction?

Reasons why so many people want a hybrid dog in the UK?

The hybrid or designer breed is specifically bred from two different parent breeds which will have been picked for the desirable traits that each dog is known for and the cockapoo is the perfect example of this. 

The cockerpoodle was the F1 (First Cross), but as the F1 dogs can also be bred giving us the F2, F3 (Second and Third Crosses) meaning they are now more commonly called the cockapoo.

The cockerpoodle was actually one of the first hybrid breed dogs, appearing in the 1960s since which it has become ever more popular, originally bred for the more hypoallergenic qualities of the poodle coat type for allergy sufferers and the general sturdiness and good temperament of the cocker spaniel making it a wonderful furry friend to have as a family dog.


As mentioned, one of the biggest reasons for people wanting crossbreed dogs such as the cockapoo may well be because they have heard that a purebred dog may suffer more from health problems, but is this true. 

Are the hybrid breeds healthier than a purebred dog? Now that’s a question that is strongly debated between breeders and experts. But I have found some study that has been done concerning this and this generally shows that the crossbreed hybrid is probably less likely to suffer from hereditary genetic disorders. 

The main reason for this is widely said to be due to the selective breeding that is done to maintain the breed standard of a purebred dog, therefore, passing down the genetic disorders. In conclusion, a hybrid is not necessarily healthier but, it is probably less likely to suffer from the genetic disorders of a particular dog type or breed.

Purebred or hybrid, they are just as likely to be healthy dogs and like all animals and humans, some may have problems some may not, there doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence either way. 

Coat type and size 

Safer territory with the subject of coat types and sizes now. When you get a pedigree puppy you will know exactly what sort of coat and what size your puppy will have and be when it grows. 

However, with a hybrid breed, the breeder cannot guarantee this until the puppy is at least 6 weeks old and even then the coat may gradually change over time, again the cockapoo is the prime example of this, the coat could be one of three different coat types, the tight curly coat of the poodle, the looser wavy coat and the straighter coat. 

General traits

Cross-breed dogs are deliberately bred not just for the traits of the parent dogs but also for the cuteness, they are such adorable dogs and make lovely family pets. It is important that you know the traits of the parent breeds and that those traits will suit your family, home and routine.

For example, you need to check whether they are prone to separation disorder, or have a high level of intelligence and will need an awful lot of attention. Either of these traits means that if you will be leaving the dog it might not be the right one for you and you are probably not the right owner for them.


I know when I take Luna for her walk I see an awful lot of cockapoos, so is the trend going too far and are people just getting them for the good looks without realising just how hard they can be to look after. 

The Labradoodle is a great hybrid between the labrador retriever and poodle but they have a high energy level and require a high level of exercise, play and stimulation. The cockapoo can be low shedding although not always and this requires you to maintain a good grooming regime, they are very loving and can demand a lot of your attention, as well as being very intelligent which means they can get bored very quickly especially if left alone.

These are just some to the things you will need to consider if you are thinking about getting a designer dog as a family pet, take a step back, think about the parent breeds, is it the first cross, or has it been crossed for the second time, what are their biggest traits.

Most importantly check out the breeder to ensure that they are reputable and have done the necessary health checks and that they have appropriate paperwork.