What Do You Wish You Would Have Known When You Got Your Cockapoo Pup?

If you are about to become a cockapoo pup owner then we have put together some great advice below that should help you out. This will be suitable for first-time dog owners, or those that may have owned other breeds throughout their life.

What Do You Wish You Knew – To Help Other Owners

Please note: A lot of this sounds negative. It is not meant to be, it’s just to make you aware!

Tip 1: Get them used to being touched

If you don’t do this early on, it will be harder as they get older. You will be the one who will be wiping their feet clean after a muddy walk, then brushing them to keep the knot-free.

From 8 weeks onwards just touch their paws once a day, followed by a treat. Get them used to the brush. You don’t even have to physically brush them at first, just touch it against them and reward them with a treat. 

Another part that you may need to help them with is having their nails trimmed. I left it too late with my dog and even though I can trim their nails she always puts up a bit of a fight when I have to do it. We usually just get them trimmed by the groomer.

Tip 2: Socialise them early on

Socialise them both with people, and with other dogs.

We took our dog to daycare from about 4 months old and she was out with big dogs, small dogs, young dogs and old dogs. I would say it massively helped and she’s brilliant with other dogs. She actually doesn’t even care about most other dogs now. She just wants to know where her tennis ball is.

However, I don’t think we socialised as well with other people. There is only me and my wife in the house and we don’t get that many visitors. If we did, it was always the same few. We should have taken her to the pub more after her jabs, or just picked her up and carried her when we were out and about. It’s safe to say, she isn’t a people person.

Tip 3: Leave them on their own early on

But who wants to leave a cute little puppy on their own? It’s heartbreaking.

Yep, it is, but it’s very important to do so.

We would leave Luna here and there for 20 minutes or so and slowly build it up.

Cockapoos suffer quite badly with separation anxiety compared to other dogs. They are called “velcro dogs” as they want to be with you at all times.

What I wouldn’t advise against it getting your cockapoo during the summer, never leaving its side for 6 months, then come September the kids go back to school, you go back to work and the cockapoo is in for a shock at being left at home for hours on end. That will only cause issues with your family and possibly have your neighbours complaining at the barking.

Tip 4: Grooming costs

They are a mixed breed. Your dog may have a high maintenance coat, it might not.

However, you must prepare yourself for the dog has a high maintenance coat and prepare yourself for a large grooming bill compared to other dogs.

Tip 5: Prepare yourself for a fussy eater

It’s a comment I see on Facebook groups all the time. Their cockapoo has suddenly decided to go off their food. It happens. Our dog has always eaten the wet food we give her, but the dry biscuits she has we have changed quite a lot as she will randomly just decide she’s not going to at them.

Tip 6: Their ears

As they are half spaniel, they have lovely floppy soft ears. However, you will need to clean these regularly otherwise they might become infected. As per tip 1, just get them used to having their ears touched and cleaned from an early age and reward with some tasty treats.

We hope that some of the tips that we found and put together help you. Cockapoos are an amazing dog but like any other dogs, they will have certain traits and issues you need to be aware of.