Are you looking to advertise with CockapooHQ?

Here is some information you might need to know before you contact us.

CockapooHQ is a pet blog all about Cockapoos and I also blog about the time I spend with my dog, Luna! The blog is over 2 years old and I have worked really hard to get the site where it is today. I might be a bit fussy about what I advertise on here, but why not get in touch, all I can say is no if it doesn’t fit!

What I offer:

Product Reviews:

If the product fits and it’s one I would actually use then I will be happy to do a review on this. This article would get shared on my social networks as well. 

There would also be a small fee for writing this as it does take some time to do pictures/videos and write the article.

All articles like this will be marked as sponsored and fully disclosed that the product was sent to me to review.

Guest/Sponsored Posts:

Happy to do these if they fit within the topic of dogs and Cockapoos.

Site Stats:

The site gets on average 30,000 visitors per month.

Facebook has over 2000 followers

Over 1000 email subscribers (Only started in October 2019)

Instagram – I am looking to update this more but I do have one!

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