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When most of us think about cockapoo rescue, we might think about dogs that have been abused or neglected. The thing is, this might not be the case. Divorce, the death of a loved one, having to move home – these are all the most stressful moments of life. Not just for humans, for dogs too – and they are all legitimate reasons a rescue cockapoo will end up at a rescue centre, or need rehoming.

When you have to rehome a dog you can be plagued with all sorts of feelings of guilt. Guilt for not being about to keep your cockapoo. Guilt because you know that you will miss your dog and they will miss you. The thing is, you know in your heart you are doing the best thing for your cockapoo, and yes it is very hard. But the dogs’ needs come first and as a responsible owner, you know that.

There was a woman who was a prison warden and she had two spaniels that worked with her. She loved dogs and eventually changed career and became a dog warden for her local council. One of her spaniels adapted to life as an at-home dog, and one didn’t. The dog warden, she had to rehome one of her spaniels. Was it best for the dog? Yes. Was it hard? Yes. But that is the life of a responsible dog owner. The spaniel went to a farm where it worked on security – it lived out its days outside working with the farmer. He had a happy life. That is what the woman gave to the dog by giving him away. This is what you can give your cockapoo, rehoming him.

Cockapoo Rescue Centres UK

Whether you are looking to rehome a cockapoo, or adopt a rescue cockapoo, one of the best places to start is at a Cockapoo Rescue Centre. Unfortunately, there is no particular centre that is specifically for Cockapoo rescues in the UK; however, a good place to start is this website, You can register your interest in adopting a cockapoo, or tell them about any unwanted cockapoos, or cockapoos that aren’t unwanted exactly but you cannot keep for whatever reason.

They are very kind people who truly care about cockapoos and on their lists are people who will offer some respite care for owners of cockapoos. If you join the club (there is a small membership fee) you will get access to the forum where you can meet like-minded people. They will help you with any problems you have with your cockapoo, his behaviour, or any health or grooming issues you might have. They even have a section on rehoming your cockapoo. They are well known for being non-judgemental and for listening carefully to your cockapoo issues.

Cockapoo Rescue Centres

Although there isn’t a specific cockapoo rescue centre in the UK or even in the USA, there are many rescue centres you can phone and ask if there are any cockapoos needing new homes. There is usually an adoption fee involved. Cockapoos are very popular so you may have to wait a while before a pooch comes up for rehoming. Every now and again there will be unwanted cockapoos. Don’t worry about phoning up for a specific breed, it shows you have considered your situation and come up with the best breed for your situation. Since rescue centres want to rehome dogs to people who will give them their forever homes, they are happy for people to request breeds.

Many rescue centres will do a home check, which you have to agree to for them to allow you to adopt the cockapoo. If they see you can manage to take care of your cockapoo they will be happy to rehome them with you. All dogs need the basics, food, water, exercise and love. Cockapoos need extra care particularly with their coats, which need to be groomed often and clipped every six weeks. You will need to factor in pet insurance in the costs of your dog, plus the costs of injections every year.

Rescue centres provide basic inoculations for the dog, microchipping and they will offer you ongoing advice about your dog for the remainder of their lives.

If you want to find your local RSPCA centre Click here. RSPCA can only rescue animals in England and Wales.

For Scotland, you can find your local SSPCA here.

Another great place to ask about cockapoos in need of rescue is Dogs Trust. You can find out more about the Dogs Trust centres near you here.

As well as these main charities there will be lots of centres local to you. Look around and check out a few rescue centres, you can always phone ahead and ask if they have cockapoos. It’s worth checking on local centres to make sure they are offering a good service with clean kennels and well looked after dogs before you take a dog from them as some centres are unscrupulous, and there are many which are closed down and the dogs given to the main dog rescue centre charities.

Cockapoo Forums and Websites

We have mentioned the Cockapoo Club GB website, and they are the best place to go to rehome a cockapoo online. They have a forum with breeders from all over the UK who will be able to give advice and help to anyone planning on rehoming a cockapoo. You may also be able to rehome a retired stud dog or bitch. They will be older dogs but they often have lots of life left and are a great way to enjoy life with a Cockapoo.

Local Adverts on Gumtree and similar websites

This is an area fraught with danger. People are unscrupulous and want to make money and don’t mind if they do it out of your desperation to own a Cockapoo. People offer dogs and ask for a down payment then you never hear from them again. Of course, some people are genuine, but you have to be very careful. Even owners offering puppies could be running puppy farms with dogs that are bred over and over again, and each litter of puppies is weaker than the last. You are likely to end up heart-broken when your puppy gets ill and even dies. This is the result of puppy farming, over-breeding dogs who are not properly cared for at all.


  • Never hand over money for a dog unless you are taking them home right away – if you give a deposit, get a receipt
  • Always take a look at a puppies mother and father, check they are in good health and well looked after
  • If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Do not believe anything that says “Free Cockapoo puppies to a good home”!
  • Get documentation for your dog – they should be up to date with their injections. Check with the vet that is mentioned on the paperwork before you part with any money. People fake documentation
  • Don’t go alone to check out a cockapoo dog or puppy – people will know you are likely to have large amounts of cash on you
  • Don’t buy a cockapoo pup advertised with a pet passport if it is under 15 weeks. It is likely to be illegally imported. Pups in the UK don’t need a pet passport if they were born here.
  • Don’t buy a dog the first time you meet them. Go back and visit a few times to make sure they are a really good fit for you and your family. If you already have a dog then take them with you and introduce the two. A responsible pet owner will not mind at all.

Remember when you are looking to rehome a cockapoo or adopt one, the most important thing is the welfare of the dog. So make sure you are happy that your dog is moving on to somewhere they will be loved and cared for properly, which is something that every Cockapoo deserves.


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  2. We have always been involved in westie rescue. 25 yrs now, we lost our lovely boy Jacob last December. We live in Lincolnshire with a lovely large garden and country walks and like the idea of rescuing a Cockapoo, where do you suggest in this area too contact.

  3. We would love to adopt a cockerpoo or doodle dog , we can give it a lovely home and be well very well looked after .

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