Cockapoo Rescue – Cockapoos for rehoming

This page will be split into 2 parts, covering both sides of cockapoo rescue.

Firstly we will talk about those who are after a cockapoo for rehoming from a rescue centre and then we will discuss what to do if you are thinking about giving up your Cockapoo if you cannot cope due to change in situations or circumstances. 

Although many prefer to go to cockapoo breeders for their family pets, we have a serious problem in this country, like so many around the world, with dog shelters being full of unwanted pets that just want a forever home. Given the amount of unwanted cockapoo pups and adults keeps growing, it is important to look beyond breeders.

When most of us think about cockapoo rescue, we might think about animals that have been abused or neglected. The thing is, this might not be the case. Many come from reputable breeders and who have been taken on by people with good intentions. Divorce, the death of a loved one, having to move home – these are all the most stressful moments of life. Not just for humans, for animals too – and they are all legitimate circumstances and reasons a cockapoo will end up at a rescue centre, or need rehoming.

One of the main reasons Cockapoos are given up is because they did not realise how much hard work they would turn out to be and just how much attention they really need. They really are an adorable dog, make great family pets but they are a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle which when combined make an energetic dog breed.

Combine these both and you get a dog that needs a lot of training and company. If an owner does not have the time, patience and relevant experience, it can be a lot to take on a cockapoo. It can also be a problem if they have a cat or another animal, and requires a lot more effort to train them to be sociable with all members of the “pack”.

Other reasons could be nothing to do with the cockapoo itself or even be the fault of the people involved, but as we said already a change in circumstances occurred that meant they could no longer provide a forever home for their cockapoo. It is often with a heavy heart that a person has to give up a cockapoo.

Sadly, some people simply lose interest in caring for a dog, especially if their behaviour is more challenging as they get past one year old and would like an easier life.

Best Cockapoo Rescue Places to Look At

The best places to inquire about a rescue dog that needs a loving home is:

  • The Doodle Trust – this is a non-profit company that specialises in rehoming doodle cross dogs of all ages from a year old to adult.
  • Doodle Rescue – A registered poodle cross rescue charity that places dogs signed over to them for foster homes and assessment. This is run entirely by volunteers.
  • Your local dog shelters such as the RSPC or SSPCA – although they are not cockapoo-specific charities, as they are one of the most popular breeds in the country, there is always a chance you will be able to find a cockapoo there.
  • The Cockapoo Club of GB – it’s right there in their name – one of two highly regarded clubs for the cockapoo cross breed dogs and the people who own them in the country. Their members have a lot of experience, as many are breeders.
  • Dogs Blog – They have a list of Cockapoos on there that need homes. Their site is worth checking out whether you would like to give a cockapoo up for adoption or would like to adopt a cockapoo.
  • Cockapoo Owners Club of GB – Another highly reputable organisation who have experience when it comes to all things cockapoo, they advertise dogs that need rehoming on their FB page
  • Gumtree – When looking for cross breed dogs, this comes with an air of caution which we discuss below.

RSPCA, SSPCA or your Local Shelters

Although there isn’t a specific cockapoo rescue centre in the UK or even in the USA, there are many shelters and centres you can phone and ask if there are any needing new homes. Even if they don’t have any on-site at that moment, they may log your interest and contact you when a cockapoo becomes available. There is usually an adoption fee involved for rehoming rescue dogs.

The Cockapoo Club of GB

Website link

These guys are specialists in Cockapoos.  Although the page I link to mainly talks about what to do if you need to give up your Cockapoo, please send them an email as they will be able to help you find a rescue cockapoo or point you in the right direction, if you would like to offer one a forever home.

Dogs Blog

Website link

I have only come across this site recently and it is a great resource if you are interested in cockapoo rescue. Shelters from all over the UK place their dogs on here and you can search by specific breeds. At the time of writing this, there are 3 Cockapoos on this site looking for new homes and to date, this site has helped find a forever home for over 56,000 dogs! It is definitely one place I would suggest if you would like to either give a cockapoo up for adoption or would like to adopt one.

Cockapoo Owners Club Of GB

Facebook link

A very trusted source when it comes to finding a cockapoo that needs a forever home. Check out their Facebook profile daily and look out for animals that need rehoming.

The Doodle Trust

Website link

This is a charity that helps rehome all poodle cross dogs. They look to rehome them with suitable people and educate and help you with the dog’s needs. This is entirely run by volunteers.  All the information you need is available on their website. If there is anything else you would like to know, we would recommend you contact them.

Doodles Rescue

​Facebook link

A registered poodle cross rescue charity that places dogs signed over to them for foster homes and assessment. This is run entirely by volunteers.

Local Independent Rescue Centres

As well as these main charities there will be lots of centres local to you. Look around and check out a few centres, you can always phone ahead and ask if they have cockapoos. It’s worth checking to make sure they are offering a good service with clean kennels and well looked after dogs before you take a cockapoo from them as some centres are unscrupulous, and there are many which are closed down and the dogs given to the main dog rescue centre charities.


We are putting this last on our list on purpose because we would like to warn you about the experience others have had using this resource. This is often where people will start their search.

However, I have heard a lot of bad things about dogs on here and some have come from some really bad situations. Although that doesn’t necessarily make a cockapoo bad, it can leave some with behavioural problems, that a current owner might try to hide. Most of the dogs through Doodles Trust etc will have had some sort of assessment before being put up for adoption such as “are they good with kids” or “are they resource guarding etc” but with Gumtree, you won’t truly know what you are getting. Some dogs advertised as Cockapoos might not even be Cockapoos!

Do you Need To Give up Your Cockapoo?

There are a lot of reasons why owning a Cockapoo might not have turned out as you expected it to be or has not given you that enriching and rewarding experience you had hoped for. Especially if you got your dog as a puppy. They are adorable but due to the fact they are a cross between a cocker spaniel (or English springer spaniel) and a poodle, require so much time and effort and it really is sad both for the owner and the dog. A big reason I see is that that the dog is still a puppy and even though they are great family pets the cockapoo is still going to nip when it is young. This phase passes but its at this phase when I see a lot of people give up.

cockapoos are the best breed

However, we try not to judge anyone’s reasons for giving up their cockapoo, here at CockapooHQ and find it is better for both parties to separate and move on. The owner will be less stressed and the cockapoo can go to a home where they get the love and attention that they need. Most of the dogs I see being given you are still little cockapoo puppies aged 6 months or at least under a year old.

Please, do not sell your cockapoo on Gumtree or a similar site. A cockapoo can end up in the wrong hands, especially if they are sold cheaply. We want to make sure that they all find their forever home, don’t we?

Please do contact one of the listings above that I discussed where people are after Cockapoos. They are the best people to speak to. They have the relevant experience will be able to help you and will deal with this situation all the time and be able to find the perfect family home for your pooch.

If you would like to chat about this with someone then please feel free to contact us here at Cockapoo HQ and we will help all we can.

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  1. Im looking to rescue a small dog pref a cockapoo any ideas of where i can look. im based in norfolk and work from home so im around all day we live near woods and the beach so plenty of walking opportunitys

  2. We have always been involved in westie rescue. 25 yrs now, we lost our lovely boy Jacob last December. We live in Lincolnshire with a lovely large garden and country walks and like the idea of rescuing a Cockapoo, where do you suggest in this area too contact.

  3. We would love to adopt a cockerpoo or doodle dog , we can give it a lovely home and be well very well looked after .

  4. I’d be so interested in talking to someone about adopting a cockerpoo or something similar. I’d love to talk to someone about the process please. I’m 64 years divorced and live in the country

    Many thanks jennifer

  5. We are looking to rescue a Cockapoo as we already have a two year old cream neuter female who we would like to give her a sister. We are both in our late 50 ‘s and live in Bournemouth,so lovely beach and woods walking areas.
    Ideally we would like her black in colour but obviously re homing one rather than buying appeals to us more.

  6. Hi, I have a very friendly adorable two year old girl cockapoo who would love a sister to play with. I live in Dorset so we have lots of beach and forest walks, Tilly also has lots of furry friends over our local rec. We would love to adopt another cockapoo.

  7. I would love to have another cockapoo. My cockapoo was 15 1/2 when he passed away. He was the best dog I ever had. I wish I could find another one that did not cost me an arm & a leg.

  8. Hi my parents are looking for a cockapoo and i would love to find them one. But would love to rescue rather than a puppy to give a dog a good loving forever home.
    If anyone can point me in the right direction once uk lockdown over ofcourse.
    Thank you

  9. I would love to give a small cockapoo a loving home, is there any rescue centres in the bolton or Manchester area I could ask

  10. Wanted a healthy, inoculated, chipped, Cockerpoo for adult owner who wants a companion/friend, to a good home.

  11. Hi as a family we would love to rescue a cockapoo . I love running walking so would be great to have a running buddie . We already have a very old girl Ruby Cavalier who just loves to sleep , we have a 15 mth old papipoo named Albert who would love some fun company ! As a family we can offer a really loving home

  12. I have just retired and would love to have the company of a dog once again. I have in mind a cockapoo but rather than buy a puppy I would ideally like to give a good home to a nice little girl in need of one. I would prefer a young dog but fully grown as I would like to know the size of the dog I am eventually going to own (my last dog was a Beardie who ended up much larger than expected but he had a good life for 11 years). I now live alone and have a completely secure & enclosed garden and live near countryside and beaches – so plenty of walks!! Should a suitable female cockapoo become available perhaps you could contact me with details. Many Thanks,

  13. Looking for a cockapoo for rehoming. Already have a small cockapoo for nearly 3 yrs and we would like to offer a another cockapoo or simular a loving home.


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