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Cockapoos are amazing little dogs, but they do need some special care. Since they are a mix of poodles and spaniels, they can have curly hair like a poodle or long, silky hair like a spaniel. They can have any coats that are any mixture of these.

You will need to establish a grooming routine from the moment you get your cockapoo puppy. Your dog needs to be groomed three or four times per week for about ten minutes. Regular grooming sessions are always best for puppies, whatever you teach them. If you give treats when you are puppy grooming, he will come to recognise the routine as something positive.

Let’s look at some best brushes for cockapoo owners that would be useful for cockapoo grooming.

Our Choices of Dog Brush For Cockapoos

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Best Brush for Cockapoo Puppy – Pecute Double Sided Pet Grooming Brush

This great little double-sided cockapoo grooming brush is helpful no matter what length your dog’s coat It has bristles on one side and pins on the other. You can use the bristle side on soft puppy hair, and when your boy gets older, you can use the pin side. This is why we highlighted it as the best cockapoo puppy brush. Although it’s best to finger-comb your dog first – just running your fingers through his fur – to loosen off any tangles (used with detangling spray), afterwards, it’s good to use the pin side to get rid of any loose hair when your dog is more comfortable with their brushing sessions. When your pup is older and his adult coat has grown in, the pin side of the cockapoo brush will also remove any loose undercoat.

The softer bristle brush side of this brush is good if your pup has a silkier medium or long cockapoo coat. It’s also good when your cockapoo puppy is young, and it will get them used to be brushed, and it’s gentle enough to use from when your puppy first becomes part of your family.

The pins are gently rounded so they won’t scratch your dog’s skin and will be comfortable for him. The joint on the handle means if you get a tangle, it won’t hurt your dog as the brush will take the impact. Also, the head moves as you brush your dog, following his contours and reducing any pressure on his skin.

Customers love this cockapoo brush, which has some excellent reviews on Many dog owners like it because of the “give” on the handle; the fact that it moves just a bit means that dogs who previously didn’t like being groomed are much more readily accepting of this cockapoo brush. Dogs with arthritis or otherwise painful joints like the brush because of its gentle action, allowing owners to establish an effective grooming regime easily.

Although there are some reports of the handle of this brush coming off, remember there is a one-year guarantee on the brush. So, if your brush lasts less than one year, give the company a call for another one. And if the new one lasts less than a year, call them again! If the handle makes it work for your cockapoo, then you need one of these dog brushes.

Best Brush for Cockapoo Adult –The Doodle Brush – the Ultimate Brush for Labradoodles & other Poodle-crosses

This cockapoo dog brush has long curved pins that glide through tangles and matting. There is less snagging than with traditional slicker brushes. Like the previous brush, this one has a flexible head, which does make a difference in the comfort levels when going over the contours and joints of your cockapoo. This cockapoo brush is recommended for Labradoodles, cockapoos, and other poodle crossbreeds.

Although it is by no means the cheapest brush, it’s still a good one and worth the extra cost and one that we think is the best brush for adult cockapoos.

Pecute Grooming Dematting Comb Tool Kit

This comb set is made of a hard-wearing and very high-quality material known as TPR, which means it will last a long time, and you won’t constantly replace it. The stainless-steel blades will not rust, another reason for their longevity. The handle is non-slip and ergonomic, meaning you can groom more than one dog without your hands getting tired.

You will find it minimizes the skin irritation associated with tangles for your pets. The two-sided teeth (12-23 teeth on the comb) will cut out tangles and produce fast results when thinning your dog’s coat. Use the broader teeth for matting and tangles; the finer set teeth will be better for de-shedding your dog. Both have sharp blades, so you will need to be careful and patient when using them to cut your dog’s fur.

Since cockapoos often get tangles that cannot be simply removed with brushing, it’s important to remove them. If they aren’t removed, they will matt further and pull on the dog’s skin; they can also cause infections. Not only that, Melissa Verplank (Certified Master Groomer) says that bugs, injuries, and all sorts can be hidden underneath matted fur. This set will carefully remove these problems and leave your dog with healthy, happy skin.

The teeth are rounded on the outside and carefully smoothed, so they are soft on your dog’s skin.

The comb helps remove any remaining loose fur and debris from your dog’s coat.

Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Double-Sided Brush

Rosewood Soft Protection Double Sided Brush for Dogs, Small
  • DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN: Our Soft Protection Brush...

This high-quality little double-sided brush comes in three sizes. It is a brush with pins on one side and bristles on the other. The small size is ideal for a cockapoo puppy, making it easy to reach under his legs and down his chest. The handle has an ergonomic handgrip to make it more comfortable for you to groom your dog. The pin side will break up the cockapoo’s coat removing loose hair and debris. The bristle brush side smooths the cockapoo coat and makes it look glossy.

Many customers are very pleased with this dog brush, particularly small-breed puppies. The soft bristle brush side is best for small dogs, although the pin side is something they will need to get used to, so giving them a light brush with the pin side will get them used to it. Customers say the pins stay in better than most dog brushes, this means your dog brush will last a long time, and you won’t lose stray pins in your dog’s coat.

Vaxuia Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Brushing is important for your pet and for you too. Grooming your dogs is relaxing and lowers your blood pressure. Brushing makes your dog’s coat smoother and cleaner, removing loose fur and dust from the undercoat and the topcoat. Also, brushing stimulates the oil glands in the dog’s skin to keep the fur in good condition.

We all know that cockapoo grooming can be a messy business, but with this little device, the fur is kept in the cockapoo brush until you push the button. The fur that you have removed can fall straight into the bin.

The wires are very fine, and they are designed to go deep into the undercoat and are great for dogs with long hair. They will remove loose hair and skin particles without scratching. Because they are so fine, they will move with the shape of your dog’s body and won’t hurt him.

The manufacturers are confident in their products and offer a guarantee. You get a replacement cockapoo dog brush or your money back if anything goes wrong.

Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb

Don’t be intimidated by how this looks. It is an excellent tool because it gets under the knots and tangles to cut the hair gently. The teeth of the comb have little blades down that cut right through the knots and matting. The extended prongs ease the loose hair out of the way. It has a thumb rest on it, which means you can control even the slightest movement, which will help you get to the tangles without hurting your dog.

The handle is made from heavy-duty rubber, and the textured wavy ridges make it comfortable to hold. Because of this, you will be able to groom for as long as it takes with ease, without slips or accidents.

The long steel blades reach into the fur and break up knots, making it great for undercoat grooming. You will finish your cockapoo grooming quicker!

This comb has a hole at the end so you can hang it up, keeping it safely out of children’s hands. It’s made of heavy-duty rubber and stainless steel, so you can rely on it for years to come.

Customers are pleased with this comb. Long silky-haired dogs like collies are more tolerant to grooming, which bodes well if you have a smoother-haired cockapoo. Even a customer with an Australian labradoodle found her dog, although not keen on being groomed, put up with this comb, even on her tail!

Owners of both cockapoos and cavapoos have found this comb to help get out those dreaded matty bits.

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kits

This set of two pairs of scissors is an integral part of your cockapoo grooming kit. The Cockapoo Club GB recommends thinning scissors for your dog’s facial hair to keep it out of his eyes, and when we found this set with its excellent reviews, we knew this would be the set we would recommend.

The longer scissors have smooth blades for trimming body fur, which can be very useful for removing mud when a bath isn’t possible. The shorter pair has micro-serrated blades so you can carefully groom your dogs’ eyes, ears, nose and paws.

The scissors have rounded ends, preventing you from accidentally poking your dog and injuring him. It makes it much safer around sensitive areas.

It’s comfortable for you, too – soft rubber handles give a good grip, and ergonomic finger rests on both scissors are contoured to be easy to use. They are lightweight and adjustable, great for trimming, but can also be used for thinning.

Customers are so pleased with these scissors! Again and again, they reference the safety tips, it gives owners the confidence to trim their dog’s faces. Many dogs frightened of being groomed have their owners use these scissors, and the dogs are fine. The dogs are picking up on their owner’s newfound confidence and trust in their human parents. They are very sharp too, which sounds a bit intimidating but makes them safer – there is no pulling on the fur, just “snip”, and it’s done.

Differences in Cockapoo Coat

While all cockapoos are a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, there is no breed standard and a lot of variation in the type of coat individual dogs and puppies can have. A lot of this comes down to the dog breed that is the more dominant in your cockapoo.

To help you understand more about this part of cockapoo grooming and how it relates to the brush you choose, we will look at the differences between poodle coats and cocker spaniel coats. The best brush for cockapoo will depend on what type of fur your dog has.

Cocker Spaniel Coat

The curious thing about the cocker spaniel coat is that much of the claimed hypoallergenic properties of cockapoo come from the poodle side of its parentage, not the cocker spaniel side. Cocker spaniels tend to have full and thick coats that regularly shed. Their coat is almost made up of wavy hair.

A cocker spaniel requires brushing and combing daily to ensure its fur is free from tangles and mating. This breed’s signature floppy ears also need care and attention as they droop over the ear canal, trapping bacteria, wax and dirt/food particles.

Poodle Coat

A poodle also has thick fur that is also very curly. However, it is often regarded as the closest thing to a hypoallergenic dog, given that it does not shed as often as other breeds.

That doesn’t mean it is a low-maintenance dog breed. Far from it. Similarly to cocker spaniels, poodles require brushing and combing almost every day. This ensures you can penetrate through those thick layers to reach the skin to help shift any dirt, debris, dead hair, and skin that gets trapped.

Cockapoo’s Coat

With all of the above in mind, then, it’s essential to understand if your cockapoo is more like her cocker spaniel parents, it is likely to have a coat that is straight, soft, fine and long and one that will shed regularly and require a lot of brushing and combing from one day to the next, and you may even need to consider hiring a professional groomer.

However, if it is more like its poodle parent, it will have curly, thick hair that does not shed very often but still needs brushing and combing and even the attention of a professional groomer.

Puppy Coat

The good news is that a cockapoo puppy coat will still be reasonably easy to groom and look after, regardless of whether they are more like a poodle or spaniel. You only need to adopt a routine of brushing for 10 minutes around four to five times a week. It may be worth investing in a slicker brush, a pin brush and a metal comb, though you may find you don’t use them much during the first six months.

Adult Coat

When your cockapoo is about eight months old, its coat will change. A coat that was once relatively easy to brush and comb will start to matt and take a lot more effort to work through. This is because your dog is moulting its puppy fur to enable its adult coat to grow.

A lot of what approach is best when brushing your cockapoo will come down to the type of coat they have. Again, this depends on whether your dog is more spaniel or poodle.

Choosing the Best Cockapoo Grooming Tools

Choosing the best cockapoo brush for the coat type is vital, but you need more than just one brush to groom your cockapoo properly. Below we have outlined the different kinds of dog brush for cockapoo you will find and a list of all the cockapoo grooming tools you should invest in to take the best care possible of your new dog’s hair.

Slicker Brushes

Often regarded as the best brush for cockapoo because of how they work, slicker brushes are incredibly popular. Why? A slicker brush is excellent for removing tangles from poodles and perfect for regular brushing. A slicker brush typically has thin and short wires (often made from stainless steel, especially high-quality brushes) that are packed very closely together and attached to a flat surface. The handles come in various lengths, and the one that’s right for you comes down to personal preference as much as the size of the cockapoo you have. Look for a self-cleaning slicker brush, as these make life much easier.

Rake Brushes

Another type of brush that is similar to a slicker brush is the rake brush. As these are not nearly as short and pointed, you can comb more deeply using rakes. These are designed to help you get rid of those deep mats close to your dog’s skin.

Pin Brushes

As they resemble old-fashioned brushes for human hair, the pin brush is a very popular option. This is because they are considered the most comfortable to use. They are, though, not very effective compared to a slicker brush or rake brush because they are only really designed to remove dead and loose fur and won’t work well on matting. Pin brushes are usually oval or almond-shaped, and the steel pins are spaced at equal lengths. As ineffective as they are, they are great for working on the area underneath your pup’s eyes and ears.

Metal Combs

As well as the brushes above, you can also use metal combs on cockapoos. Although similar looking, they have teeth that are further apart. Metal combs can help you to add a bit more style and definition to your cockapoo grooming to give it that full-volume, poofy look.


Do You Still Need To Use Professional Groomers?

Yes, I believe that a Cockapoo should have a professional grooming session a few times a year. These tools can help you stay on top of the knots, but it’s always good to get them professionally groomed. They will help get some of the tight curls out of spaces you may find hard to reach.

Which is the overall best brush for a cockapoo?

It all depends on your cockapoo’s coat, as every cockapoo is different. The best cockapoo grooming brush is one that suits your dog.

Other Cockapoo Grooming Tools to Consider

Along with the best brush for a cockapoo, other grooming tools you should get to groom your cockapoo correctly, you need include:

  • Electric Clippers set (especially if your cockapoo has a coat like a poodle more than a cocker spaniel)
  • Nail clippers (All cockapoos need their nails trimmed)
  • Teeth and ear cleaning sets



*The Cockapoo Club of GB