Pet-friendly DIY projects to try in 2024

Spending quality time with your pets is great for both you and them, and even more valuable if you can promote mental stimulation, physical exercise and emotional connection. What better way to do this than with some fun, pet-friendly DIY projects? 

You can get creative and learn some new skills while giving your furry friends something to enjoy. Just as you might want to consider multi-pet insurance to help keep them happy and healthy, here are some of the best DIY projects to try in 2024.

Homemade treats

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There are plenty of easy-to-follow treat recipes online using readily available, pet-safe ingredients. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at leisurely baking or cooking but have never found the motivation, why not make something for your pet?

You can find different recipes suitable for dietary requirements and preferences, such as grain-free or hypoallergenic options. Baking together can be very satisfying and allows you to create wholesome treats for your pet without breaking the bank.

DIY toys

Rather than cooking or baking, why not make a DIY toy for your animal friend? There are so many different options for pets of all kinds, including cats, dogs, birds and rabbits. You can incorporate safe materials available at home or buy things from a dedicated craft or pet store.

From knotted rope toys and puzzle feeders to homemade catnip delights, creating toys that keep your pet mentally and physically active is always a good idea. Making your own can help you develop new craft skills and is often more cost-effective – win-win!

Furniture and accessories

If you’re looking to get serious with a DIY pet project, you could have a go at making some furniture or accessories to improve your animal’s quality of life. Off-the-shelf beds, scratching posts and feeding stations aren’t always suitable for your space, but making your own allows you to customise them to the needs of you, your home and your pet.

Building something is also extremely satisfying and helps to develop valuable skills you can use elsewhere in life. And you can save money on often overpriced shop-bought items.

Bonding activities

There are plenty of other ways to form stronger bonds with your pet. Creating personalised pet tags and photo collages helps to further solidify the connection and keep cherished memories close to heart. You might even be interested in a pet photoshoot!

Outdoor adventures can be great to make better use of your garden space. For example, a secure obstacle course or play area gives your pet something to enjoy and you the peace of mind of knowing that they’re safe while having fun. These are also great ways to build further trust and love between you and your pet.