Cockapoo Breeders

Here’s a list of the Cockapoo breeders registered with the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain (CCGB).

*Disclaimer – Do your research into these breeders before you decide to use any. Join Facebook groups, read reviews, and if something doesn’t seem right, then find another breeder*

Cockapoo Breeders Near Me In The UK

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1. Lawford Doodles

This long-established breeder is located in Rugby, Warwickshire, and they have a reputation for excellent dogs that are carefully bred. The puppies are reared in the home, so they become used to being in a household and are fully health-tested as free from any genetic diseases.

Visitors are welcome by appointment – to arrange, you should visit their website and follow the contact details – and will meet both the breeder and the dogs. The website includes detailed information on the parent dogs, other breeds, and full details of puppy availability.

2. Jukee Doodles

Situated in Lincolnshire, in the town of Boston, Jukee Doodles has a comprehensive website offering a wide range of information on the different breed characteristics and the breeding dogs they use, as well as useful tips on training and the basic needs of cockapoos.

They are more than happy to have you visit by appointment – check out the website for information – and the site includes testimonials from owners. There’s an excellent gallery showing some of the beautiful dogs they have supplied and full details of the set-up too.

3. Pankington Puppies

Another Lincolnshire breeder close to Spilsby, Pankington Puppies specialises solely in Cockapoos and has a reputation for excellent health-checked dogs. With full accreditation as a reputable and respected breeder, they have supplied dogs to many satisfied owners.

Pankington Puppies has a simple website that includes an excellent gallery, contact information and information about cockapoos, and has been in business for more than 40 years, having been founded by a Kennel Club-approved judge who was also a reputable breeder.

4. Sylml Cockapoos

Another Lincolnshire breeder is Sylml Cockapoos, and while they are relatively new to the breed, they have been reputed breeders of gundogs for more than 20 years. A gallery of beautifully presented dogs confirms the quality of their puppies, and they also have a useful feedback section of owners’ comments.

The site includes a full section on available puppies, and they have full contact details should you wish to talk to them. You can register on a waiting list too, which is always a welcome option, and as the dogs are bred on a working farm they will be used by people and other animals.

5. Just Dogz

With more than 18 years of experience breeding cockapoos, cocker spaniels, and long-haired dachshunds, Just Dogz comes highly recommended by owners. The website includes plenty of information on cockapoos – and the other breeds they are involved in – and features plenty of pictures of the dogs and information about the breeding parent animals.

The availability of dogs is listed on the website – have a look here for more information and contact details – and they welcome visitors by appointment and prefer to meet prospective owners. All puppies are socialised, come with four weeks’ insurance and have been vaccinated and chipped, and also come with complimentary food for a week.

6. Jaruda Cockapoos

Another smaller hobby breeder, Jaruda Cockapoos, is located in Chichester, West Sussex, and has a reputation for beautiful dogs that are healthy and vibrant. They raise their dogs and puppies as part of the family, so puppies will be used in a family environment, and the website has a handy FAQ section to help potential owners with any questions.

Jaruda Cockapoos invites potential owners to contact them – see the website here – and arrange a visit, where you will be introduced to the dogs and become aware of how dogs are bred at this friendly and welcoming small breeder. Fully accredited by the CCGB, there are also testimonials from clients on the site, plus a range of photographs of the breeding dogs and puppies.

7. Rackenford Cockapoos

The Horsham, West Sussex breeder Rackenford Cockapoos provides full details of the health testing of their dogs on the website – a useful slice of information for any potential owner – and is known for beautiful puppies bred from Lottie. This F1 champagne cockapoo stems from a championship-winning line of dogs.

The breeder provides a full package to buyers including initial vaccinations, microchipping and registration, plus a four-week insurance deal and a small supply of food and more – see the website for comprehensive details – and asks you to get in touch if you wish to visit and meet the dogs, or have any questions about cockapoo ownership.

8. Tiddybrook Cockapoos

The husband and wife team who run Tiddybrook,  West Devon-based cockapoo breeders, have many decades of experience in breeding various dogs. Their dogs are very much involved in their daily lives and are used to various environments. With a website that features a gallery of pictures and information on the breed, they are well-placed to help potential cockapoo owners make the right choice of dog.

The site includes full details of their health testing, as well as information on available puppies, stud dogs and more, so check it out here if you wish to arrange a visit and meet the breeders and dogs, which is always advisable before you choose your breeder.

9. Risdon Farm Dogs

Another breeder based in Devon, close to the town of Okehampton, Risdon Farm, has many years of experience in various breeds, including cockapoos and operates from a section of a large country estate. The dogs spend their time in a country environment and grow up with other dogs, so it will be easy to blend into family life.

With a website that offers a large amount of information on the breeders and extends an invitation for you to arrange a visit and meet the dogs and puppies, and also lists the availability of puppies that is regularly updated, you can also see many pictures of their dogs, and check the accreditation from both the CCGB and the Kennel Club.

10. Candyfloss Cockapoos

A comprehensive website offering great information about the breed and this particular Cockapoo breeder – Candyfloss Cockapoos – welcomes you to a clearly dedicated and friendly breeder with a passion for these delightful little dogs. A full gallery of the dogs at Candyfloss is provided, along with further details of the breeding dogs.

Potential buyers can use the contact information on the website to get in touch and arrange a visit, which the breeder strongly encourages. There are also several testimonials from satisfied clients who have had dogs from this breeder. Based in Devon, this breeder is fully accredited with the CCGB.

11. Faithful Friends

Faithful Friends of Malmesbury in Wiltshire is a dedicated cockapoo breeder with more than ten years of experience with this breed, and they aim to produce a litter every 16 months. This very informative breeder has an excellent website that includes recommended products and courses regarding cockapoos, pictures, and information about its own dogs and puppies.

An informed and entertaining blog confirms that this is a breeder with a dedicated love of the cockapoo, and you can register if you wish to receive updates and information. If you want to ask them about their dogs or arrange a visit to meet them, get in touch via the contacts page on the website, and they will be happy to oblige.

12. Hallslake Cockers

Breeders of English Show Cocker Spaniels and F1 Cockapoos, Hallslake Cockers has a reputation for beautiful and well-bred dogs with an ideal temperament for family pets. Based in Lynton, Devon, this breeder takes great interest and a lot of care in making sure its puppies are fully health checked and ready to go, and the well-organised website is a great source of information.

A gallery gives you excellent images of their dogs and puppies, dogs are fully socialised with both people and a variety of other animals and are supplied microchipped, vaccinated and with a bag of food to see them through the first few days. Visit the website to arrange a visit or to ask questions, and they will be more than happy to help.

Other Cockapoo Breeders

The above CCGB-approved and registered cockapoo breeders list a website address. We do advise that you are prepared to travel to find a reputable breeder, but also understand long distances may not be practical, so if there is not a breeder listed above within easy reach of your location, check the list of CCGB registered cockapoo breeders here as there are many across the UK that do not have a website listed. There may be one closer to home.

Choose a registered and reputable breeder for healthy cockapoos and many years of fun and enjoyment.

Find Reputable Cockapoo Breeders

Not all Cockapoo breeders offer the same sort of service and level of professional approach. While starting by looking at their website is a good move, you should be prepared to dig a bit deeper to find out more about their reputation.

For example, when you search for them online, do you generally see positive reviews about their service and their puppies? Or perhaps you see people complaining about being conned by them?

You can ask around in forums or dog clubs to see which breeders are particularly highly recommended and which should probably be avoided. Vets in your area might also give you some useful information about which companies can be trusted.

Consider the Size of the Cockapoo Breeders

The latest UK Government guidelines suggest that all dog breeders with 3 or more litters should be registered annually. At the time of writing, this isn’t yet the law, but it could very well be soon.

In this case, going with a registered and licensed breeder gives you peace of mind that you are dealing with a serious business. Registered breeders are inspected and licensed by the local authorities, meaning that you can feel more confident about the quality of their premises and the health of their dogs.

The big commercial breeders are often large businesses with many pups for you to look at. This is great when it comes to making a good choice, but maybe you will feel that their way of working is a bit too commercial and business-like for your taste.

At the opposite end of the scale, you may like the homely approach taken by small breeders who only offer a minimal number of Cockapoo puppies for sale UK each year. You won’t have as much choice with this breeder, but you may find it a more relaxed and enjoyable way of adding to your family.

Check Out Their Installations

Once you get to a breeder’s property, you want to ensure everything looks right. Is it a clean and healthy-looking place where you would feel confident that the puppies are well looked after?

If the setup doesn’t convince you, then it is worth checking out somewhere else to be able to compare the two. Indeed, even when you fall in love with the first puppy you see, it can make sense to look around at other breeders before making your final decision on the matter.

Prepare to Ask Plenty of Questions

If this is your first time buying a pup, then you will want to consider the questions you need to ask the breeders. To get started, you can ask them about the parents, whether they are healthy and whether you can see them together with the puppies.

Look for proof of any health tests that have been carried out. If you can’t see at least the mother with the pups, then this is a worrying sign that you will want to consider.

The more questions you can ask, the better, so try doing some online research to see what you should be asking. For example, you can ask if the puppies in the litter have had their vaccinations or any other type of treatment that you should know about.

Have they been given treatment for fleas and worms? If so, is there paperwork to back this up and to let you know the exact dates?

You can also ask whether they are microchipped and how accustomed they are to noise, children and to other dogs.

Expect to be Asked Questions

A good, responsible Cockapoo breeder will usually also want to ask prospective buyers a few questions. After all, they will have a special link with all of their dogs and won’t want to see any of them going to an unsuitable family.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be offended if you are asked questions designed to ensure that you will give your new Cockapoo a great home. You should probably look at this as a sign that the breeder is doing a great job and should be more highly trusted.

The Transaction

If everything looks good so far then you probably feel that you are edging closer to completing the transaction and buying a lovely little Cockapoo puppy. If this is the case, your next question should be whether you will sign a formal contract once you hand over the money.

Be sure to find out what the terms of the contract are if you are going to be signing one. Also, some breeders will give you a useful pack with all of the paperwork and certificates together with something that has the scent of their mother on it. Some even give accessories such as a collar and lead or a bowl.


Some research needs to be done for you to feel completely comfortable about the choice of breeder that you make. You can quickly find out enough information to get a feel for the breeders you plan to speak to.

Of course, this is a situation in which listening to your gut instinct will also play a part. If you see a breeder and everything feels right, then you will probably be happy going ahead with purchasing your beautiful new Cockapoo puppy from them. If you want further reading, check out the Cockapoo Owners Club UK website.

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  1. Do you know what generally happens to the stud dogs once they are past their breeding best? We are interested in an adult dog, rather than a puppy. Thanks for your help.

  2. Picked up our Cockapoo today from Julianna pankington puppies. It’s was well worth the 7 hour round trip.

    Can’t say enough how professional the setup is, our Cockapoo Luna has had a great start in life.

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  3. Would it be correct that the breeder will not allow me to visit prior to collecting ( an unchosen ) puppy and paying a deposit and then final payment in advance of the collection


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