Cockapoo Arthritis – What Is It And How To Treat It?

As a responsible Cockapoo owner, it is crucial that you make yourself aware of any potential health issues that your pet can suffer from. 

Although these dogs are normally healthy, there are certain diseases that this breed is prone to developing as they age.  

Along with health problems relating to the heart, skin, eyes, and ears. You should also be aware that Cockapoos can develop health issues relating to their skeleton. 

The three main skeletal health issues that Cockapoos are prone to developing are luxating patella, hip and elbow dysplasia, and canine arthritis. 

In this article, we are specifically looking at Cockapoo arthritis and how it can affect your pet. 

Canine Arthritis In Your Cockapoo

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Unfortunately, this medical condition could affect your pet later in life. Although, it is more commonly something that larger dogs can be affected by, it can occur in dogs of any size. 

Your Cockapoo could develop this skeletal health condition if, at some point in its life, it had to undergo surgery or suffered a serious injury. 

Just as in us, arthritis occurs in your Cockapoo due to the breakdown of cartilage in their joints. Not only can it prove to be quite painful, but your pet’s movement will begin to become restricted. 

Unfortunately, as Cockapoos are genetically disposed to suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia, they are more likely to suffer from this health problem. 

Of course, age can also play a factor. Plus, you need to be careful as this health issue can also affect an overweight dog. 

Signs Your Cockapoo Has Arthritis

Often, the first signs that your Cockapoo is suffering from this particular health issue is that they find standing up a problem. This particular sign often occurs after your dog has been lying down for a while.

Also, you may find that they tend not to place any extra weight or fail to use one particular leg when they are walking. 

Another sign is that when you take them out for a walk, they begin to limp after only going a short distance. 

The final sign that your Cockapoo is suffering from arthritis is that they find climbing stairs, jumping onto your bed, or climbing in to the car difficult. 

How Is Cockapoo Arthritis Diagnosed?

The first thing you need to do to find out if your pet is suffering from arthritis is to arrange a visit to your vet. 

They will talk to you about the signs and carry out several tests. The tests they carry out look to see how freely your pet’s limbs and joints move. They will also arrange to have x-rays taken that will enable them to see the location of the arthritis as well as how severe it is. 

Only when they can confirm that your pet is suffering from this particular skeletal health issue will they provide you with a course of treatment. 

Treatment Of Arthritis In Your Cockapoo

What course of treatment your vet decides to go with will depend on what the exact form of arthritis it is they are suffering from and how severe it is.

In most cases, this condition can be treated through surgery, giving you get medication, or a change to their diet. 

How To Manage Your Cockapoos Arthritis

If your pet’s arthritis is diagnosed early on, then in most cases, your vet will prescribe certain medications in order to treat this condition. The most common forms of drugs that are used in order to treat this are NSAIDs and steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. 

The kinds of drugs that a vet will often prescribe to treat this condition are as follows:

  • NSAIDs such as Deramax, Meticam, Rimadyl, and Ectoigesic.
  • Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories such as azium, prednisolone, and prednisone. 

Both of these forms of drugs are effective in helping to relieve the pain your pet is feeling, but you need to be aware that they can cause serious side effects. Often steroids will only be used as a last resort in order to treat a dog suffering from chronic canine arthritis. 

Of course, if you prefer, there are several more natural ways to treat this condition. As well as helping to provide your Cockapoo with pain relief, these can also help improve your pet’s joints. They contain properties that can help lubricate the joints, which will help to ensure that they remain flexible. 

You may want to consider discussing with your vet about giving your pet supplements like Glucosamine, Vitamin C, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin acid, or Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Exercise Is Vital 

You need to ensure that your Cockapoo is getting plenty of exercises as it will help to reduce the risk of them becoming permanently disabled due to this condition. Through exercise, you are helping your Cockapoo to maintain the right amount of muscle mass, which is vital to provide support to their joints. 

Along with walks, you may want to consider taking your dog swimming, as this also can prove beneficial to your pet. It provides a gentle for of massage that will help to flex your pet’s joints. 

In most cases, your vet will often recommend that you use a combination of the various treatments above in order to help treat this condition in your pet. 

We trust that you find this article on Cockapoo arthritis helpful, and it will help you to deal with this condition should your pet develop it later on in life.