Do Cockapoos Like Being Picked Up?

You will find that the Cockapoo is very friendly and easy to train as they are very intelligent. But they are also very energetic and require plenty of exercise to ensure they don’t wreak havoc in your home. 

It is tough to imagine that these lovable teddy bear-looking dogs wouldn’t like to be picked up. But even so, you still need to be wary when it comes to picking up a Cockapoo, or any dog for that matter, and you need to be careful. 

Just because they are acting friendly towards you doesn’t mean that they are happy for you to lift them off the ground. You especially have to teach young children not to do this, as they could turn on the child without warning because they feel uncomfortable or they are in pain. 

But Cockapoos Are Cuddly?

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Yes, a Cockapoo loves nothing more than to snuggle up close and have a cuddle with those that it sees as friends. This is especially the case for their owners as they have developed a very close bond and connection with them. 

Although your Cockapoo may enjoy cuddling up with you and letting you pick them up, this may not be the case with others. You must remember that each dog is unique. 

They will have their personality and temperament, which are factors you need to consider if you are thinking of picking yours or somebody else’s Cockapoo up. 

Along with their personality, other factors you need to consider when deciding whether picking up a Cockapoo is a good idea are their age, emotional state, and health. 

So at all times, be aware of how the dog reacts should you try to pick them up. 

However, if your Cockapoo loves to be picked up, then you need to make sure you carry out the procedure correctly. You need to pick them up in a way that helps to ensure that they feel safe as you do it. 

How To Pick Up Your Cockapoo

You will find that picking up your pet isn’t always easy and shouldn’t be something you always do. 

However, if you need to pick yours up, you must know the correct way. 

Below we take you through the steps you need to follow to ensure that you pick your Cockapoo up correctly. 

Step 1 – Bend Down From The Knees

Before you try to pick your Cockapoo up, you must stand beside them and then bend down to them from your knees, not your waist. If you don’t bend from the knees, you will place any strain on your back. 

Step 2 – Wrap Your Arms Around Their Body

Begin by wrapping one of your arms around the front of your dog across its chest and below the throat.  

Then, with your other arm, wrap this around their back legs as this will help support their bottom. 

Step 3 – Now You Can Lift Them Up

Once you feel that you are providing sufficient support, you can lift them up off the floor. Remember, as you would with any heavy object, lift them using your legs and not your back. 

Each time you pick your Cockapoo up, it is a good idea to give them a treat as this will help them learn that being picked up isn’t bad. Then, over time, they will be more prepared for when they need to do it. 

How Not To Pick Up Your Cockapoo 

Just because they are jumping up at you in excitement, hyoid still needs to be careful about how you lift them off the ground. 

So it is vital that you always remember what you shouldn’t do when you want to pick your Cockapoo up. 

Never pick your pet up by the front legs or place your hands under their armpits. If you do this, you are placing a great deal of extra weight on your Cockapoo’s shoulders and elbows, which could result in them being injured. 

Also, you should never pick your dog up by the scruff of the neck. Again this will place quite a lot of strain on not only their neck but also their spine as all of their weight is being forced downwards into the rest of the body. 

When picking up any dog, it is tricky, and you must ensure that you do it correctly. By following the steps above, you will that in answer to the question, “Do Cockapoos like being picked up?” The answer is yes, as it will help to make you feel secure and comfortable. 

Should you suddenly need to pick them up, you can do so without them trying to wriggle or squirm their way out of your arms. 

We hope that when the time does come that you will need to pick up your Cockapoo, you can do so without causing any harm to them or yourself. Please let us know if you found this article helpful.