Cockapoo Hair Styles

Cockapoos are one of the most popular crossbreed dogs in the country. This is because they offer many of the best personality traits and characteristics of their parent breeds, the poodle and the English cocker spaniel. The average cockapoo is both a loyal and very loving family pet.

However, as is the case with most designer dog breeds, there is no exact science as to the specific traits that a cockapoo is likely to inherit from its parents. When it comes to their coats, therefore, this means that there is often a huge difference between the coat colour and fur type. Cockapoo hair, like dog hair, is similar to human hair in a lot of ways.

Cockapoo coat and fur can be anything between low maintenance straight and very wavy ringlets that require more attention and regular grooming.

Regardless of the type of fur they have, you will want to make sure your cockapoo looks its best with a well-chosen and attractive hairstyle.

To give you an idea of the possibilities, in the following post, we are going to highlight some of the most popular cockapoo grooming and haircut styles, for cockapoo puppies and cockapoo adults.

Guide to the Different Variations of the Cockapoo Coat

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Before we start looking at the different types of cockapoo hairstyles and haircuts, you must understand a little about the variations in cockapoo coat types.

Cockapoos have a long, single coat that can be either curly or straight. Cockapoos come in various colours similar to their parents, the English cocker spaniel and poodle.

Curly Coat Cockapoos

The fur of a cockapoo has a low-shedding to almost no-shedding property that makes it a favourite breed for many. This and the fact that they often can have a curly coat, make them incredibly allergy-friendly. Though no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, cockapoos often tend to come close.

The curly fur has a very wiry-like, rough texture that can get tangled more than other types of cockapoo coats like the straight coat.

If you are not diligent with grooming a curly coat cockapoo, matting may develop. The curls come from the poodle side of their heritage and curly coats tend to be more prominent and common among backcross generations of cockapoos like F1a, F1b, F2a, and F2ba, that have inherited around 50% or more of their poodle parent genes.

Cockapoo Straight Coat

Some cockapoos take after their cocker spaniel parentage more and have a straight, smooth coat that has a very pleasant texture to the touch. Straight cockapoo coats are generally considered the easiest to deal with. Though, though there are some important things you need to remember.

Cockapoos that have straight coats have a greater chance of inheriting a double coat from the cocker spaniel parent, which will mean that they normally shed a lot more often.

It’s first and second-generation cockapoos that are more likely to have a higher percentage of cocker spaniel genes, which makes the chances of them having straight coats higher.

Cockapoo Wavy Coat

The cockapoo’s wavy coat combines the best features of both the parent breeds. This coat is neither too straight nor too curly and may have a protective undercoat to bolster it.

Wavy coats are very attractive on cockapoos and shed less than curly coats, so they are easier to manage.

Now that we have discussed cockapoo coat styles in greater detail, it’s time to look at the best and most popular types of cockapoo haircuts and hairstyles.

Best and Popular Cockapoo Haircuts and Hairstyles

As well as highlighting what each of these cockapoo haircuts is like, we will also give some useful information about the type of dog coat they are likely to suit best. Taking into consideration the body hair, leg hair, facial hair, and tail hair.

Cockapoo Puppy Cut (Also known as Summer Cut)

The puppy cut or summer cut is particularly popular for cockapoos and is ideal if you are looking for a style that is low maintenance. There is no intricate styling required, it essentially involves trimming your dog’s fur short all over.

This style has been devised with a cockapoo puppy in mind but is also a good option for a cockapoo adult too. The reason it is often referred to as a summer cut is it will help your dog to stop overheating in the warmer months during summer.

One huge benefit of this style is that as their hair will stay short for several months, you will not need to visit your groomer as often.

Many professional groomers recommend the summer or puppy cut for all dogs during the first 12 months of their life. As well as making sure that your cockapoo has healthy and soft fur, it is just a very attractive hairstyle for this breed of dog.

To achieve this look, a professional groomer will clip your cockapoo all over so that they have hair that is between 1.5 and 2 inches long.

The only major maintenance clipping you will need to carry out on your cockapoo with this cut is trimming its face.

Teddy Bear Cut or Teddy Bear Trim

Next up we have one of the most popular cockapoo haircuts – the teddy bear trim, which is often referred to as the teddy bear cut. In many ways, it is the complete opposite of the summer cut, as your cockapoo’s fur is kept longer on much of its body, including its face and head.

Although it looks great on cockapoos, it is not a style that is unique to cockapoos, as many other dog breeds look good with the teddy bear cut.

The reason it is popular among cockapoo owners and why so many professional groomers recommend it is because it highlights the natural, goofy features of cockapoos.

This particular hairstyle is achieved by trimming no more than 2 to 3 inches off your dog’s fur. You need to remember that although the cut has a very relaxed feel to it, regular brushing and washing will still be crucial.

As the name suggests, it transforms your adorable cockapoo into a little teddy bear, with a very round head and eyes that stand out more than with other cuts.

Lamb Cut

Another incredibly popular cockapoo hairstyle is the lamb cut. The very attractive and stylish cut is something you would more readily associate with the poodle parent of a cockapoo.

This cut is a nice balance between short and long. It is achieved by keeping the hair on their legs and around their ears very fluffy. It can be quite a tricky style to achieve if you are not a trained and qualified dog groomer or have not invested in a decent set of clippers. The reason it is so tricky is that all the different parts of the cut need to blend well so that the fluffier areas do not stand out too much or look too ridiculous.

The Alternative Summer Cut

This cut shares a lot in common with the previously mentioned puppy cut or summer cut. The only difference is that to achieve this particular look, your dog needs to be clipped even shorter all over. You need to make sure their fur is cut as short as ½ an inch in length.

The biggest advantage of this cut and why it is so popular is that as it is so short you will save a lot of money and time in the long run by not needing to visit a professional groomer as much. Even if you are planning on attempting to give your cockapoo this alternative summer cut yourself, you will find that you do not need to clip your dog as often. It is not just the clipping that is easier with this cut, it is all aspects of grooming and caring for your dog, including bathing and brushing.

Cocker Spaniel Cut

Given that cockapoo’s parents are a poodle and a cocker spaniel, it makes sense that you may want to give your dog a cocker spaniel cut. This is a great choice if you find that your cockapoo is more cocker spaniel than a poodle.

It is important though that you understand that compared to the other cuts we have looked at so far, this hairstyle is very high maintenance. This is because the coat is left thicker and longer, which means you will need to do more grooming, including brushing, trimming and bathing to make sure your canine buddy is always looking their best.

The cocker spaniel cut is achieved by keeping the fur around their eyes and faces short, while the fur on their legs, head and body is kept longer. As this style involves a lot of intricacies that would be hard for an inexperienced groomer to get right, we recommend that you take your cockapoo along to a professional groomer if this is the look you are after.

Which Cockapoo Hairstyle is Easiest To Manage and Maintain?

If you are looking for an easy life, and we don’t blame you if you are, then the alternative summer cut is probably the best hairstyle for your cockapoo. This style is very easy to manage and maintain as it is short all over and not a hassle to clean and brush as others. Your cockapoo will look sophisticated and smart, and you will not have to put as much work into it.

Which Hairstyle is Easiest To Do At Home

If you are interested in trying to groom your dog by yourself, the hairstyle we would suggest is either the alternative summer or summer cut. However, if you do not have any experience using dog clippers, we would recommend that you take your cockapoo along to a professional groomer for their first cut. This will allow you to see how it is done and ensure that there are not going to be any problems. Remember, cockapoos, by their very nature, can be a little jumpy and boisterous.

As with any good habits you are trying to develop with your cockapoo, the best thing to do is to familiarise your dog as early in its life as you possibly can.

Tips For Grooming Your Cockapoo At Home

If you want your cockapoo to look their very best with an even, neat and tidy cut, no matter the style you opt for, it is best to take them to a professional groomer. We understand though that for many people the ongoing costs of using a groomer’s services a lot may have you interested in trying it yourself.

If you are considering grooming your cockapoo yourself at home, we have put together some handy tips that will hopefully make the process a lot more straightforward.

Always start by bathing your cockapoo using doggy shampoo and conditioner

Follow up bathing your dog by giving him or her a thorough brush and dry. This is important because you want to make sure you brush any tangles or mats out before you start working with the clippers on your cockapoo’s fur.

Now you can trim your cockapoo’s fur to the preferred style using high-quality dog clippers.


We hope you feel a little better educated about cockapoo haircuts after reading this handy guide. You know all about the difference between the straight coat, curly coat and wavy coat and the impact whether your cockapoo is more poodle than cocker spaniel can have on your cockapoo’s coat.

You also better understand what is meant by all the interesting and quirky names for popular and common, adorable cockapoo haircuts. Cuts and styles like the cockapoo teddy bear cut, the cockapoo cocker spaniel haircut, the cockapoo puppy cut, also known as the cockapoo summer cut (and the alternative cockapoo summer cut) as well as the cute cockapoo lamb cut that will suit curly haired cockapoos best.

Whether you intend on doing it yourself with a good pair of dog shears or dog clippers or you intend on hiring a professional groomer to give your dog’s coat one of the listed grooming styles, you now understand the whole subject a lot better.

It may be a good idea to wait and meet your cockapoo if you haven’t already to figure out which of the cockapoo haircut styles best suits your new cockapoo coat.