Cockapoo Hair Styles

The cockapoo is one of the most popular mixed-breed dogs, mostly because they offer the best of both worlds from their parent breeds, the cocker spaniel and the poodle and make for very loving and loyal companions. As is the case with all so-called designer dog breeds, however, the particular traits your cockapoo inherits from its parents is never an exact science. So there could be a huge amount of difference between one cockapoo’s coat type and fur, colour and size to other cockapoos. Dogs hair is a lot like human hair.

The fur and coat of a cockapoo can therefore fall anywhere between straight and low maintenance to wavy ringlets that require a bit more attention.

No matter what fur coat type they have, you will want to ensure your cockapoo looks its best with a great cockapoo hair cut style. In the following post, we are going to discuss the haircut styles and grooming styles that are most popular, for a cockapoo puppy and a cockapoo adult.

If you are stuck trying to pick the right style for your dog, you’ve come to the right place as we will also include lots of pictures along with the descriptions so you can see real-life examples of these haircuts on cockapoos.

Cockapoo Puppy Cut

Also referred to as the summer cut, the cockapoo puppy cut is incredibly popular for this breed and is perfect if you are looking for something low maintenance for your dog as the basics to this is just trimming back the fur, so it is short all over.

It is designed for a pup, but it works well for an adult dog too. Part of the reason why it is referred to as the summer cut is that during the summer months this look will stop your dog from getting too hot. As it lasts for several months, you will need to visit your groomer less than you would if your cockapoo had other cuts.

Many grooming professionals recommend that the summer haircut is the one you use exclusively for the first 12 months of your cockapoo’s life, that is when it is still a pup, at the very least. As well as ensuring your cockapoo has soft and healthy fur, it also just looks very cute.

The cut is achieved by the professional groomer giving the fur all over your dog a clip to between 1.5 and 2 inches in length.

The only real maintenance you will need to do to keep the look is trim their face every so often. There is nothing particularly fancy or intricate about the design of this hair cut, though, but as the length needs to be consistent from top to bottom, it is often best to take your cockapoo to the groomers. If you want your dog to have less fluffy legs though, you could do what some owners do and have the fur a little shorter on the lower body.

Different Hair Cuts

The Teddy Bear Trim or Teddy Bear Cut

The next of the most popular cockapoo haircuts we want to discuss is the teddy bear trim, also known as the teddy bear cut. The teddy bear cut is a cockapoo haircut that is almost the complete opposite to the puppy cut, as the fur is kept longer around the head and face and on the rest of your dog’s body. This is not a cockapoo only haircut style, as many dog breeds suit it, but the reason so many cockapoo owners like it and why a professional groomer may recommend it is because it highlights that kind, if a little goofy look that this breed has.

This dog grooming style is achieved by trimming the fur no more than about 2 to 3 inches. It is important to keep in mind, however, with this cut that even if it does have a very relaxed feel to it, you will still need to brush it out and wash it, to stop dirt building up and tangles and matting developing.

The name is fairly self-explanatory – it transforms your cute and adorable cockapoo into a little teddy bear. It gives your dog’s head a more rounded look and their eyes stand out compared to the above puppy cut.

Lamb Cut

Another of the most hugely popular dog grooming styles for cockapoos, in particular, is what is known as the lamb cut. This is very stylish and attractive and has a look you are more likely to associate with a poodle.

This haircut is not too long or short, but a nice middle ground between the two. To achieve that lamb look, the leg hair is kept nice and fluffy, as is the area around the ears. It can be a hard look to achieve if you are not a professional groomer or good with a set of dog clippers though, as all the different components and body parts need to blend so that the fluffy areas don’t stand out too much or look awkward.

Alternative Summer Cut

Not to be confused with the aforementioned summer hairstyle, this summer cut is a very close shave type of hair cut that many owners opt for if they are looking for an easier life, from a grooming point of view. Although it is not quite the same as making your dog bald, it is very short and will keep tangles and mats to an absolute minimum. It is also very simple to maintain.

One of the biggest advantages of this cut is undoubtedly the time and money you will save in the long run as you will have to visit professional groomers less (or use your dog clippers less, if you are going to groom your dog on your own). With such short hair, all aspects of grooming and caring for your cockapoo are made easier, including brushing and bathing.

As it is a shave all over, there is no tricky haircut style you need to get right, just make sure you cut the fur over their coats so that is no longer than ½ an inch in length.

Cocker Spaniel Cut

Given a cockapoo is a member of the extended cocker spaniel breed family, it makes sense that you may want this elegant cockapoo cocker cut for your dog. This will suit your cockapoo if it is more cocker spaniel than a poodle.

One thing we think it’s important that you note about this haircut, however, is that it is more high-maintenance than the others we have looked at so far. This is because cockapoo coats are left longer and thicker to achieve it. This in turn means you will have to do more brushing, trimming and other important grooming to ensure your dog is always looking its best.

How is it achieved? The fur on their coat around the eyes as well as their face is kept a little shorter than the rest, with the body hair, head hair and leg hair kept a little longer.

We would recommend that you take your cockapoo to the groomer to get this hair cut just right as there is intricate detailing involved.

Which Cockapoo Hair Style is Easiest to Manage?

The alternative summer hair cut we outlined is probably the best hairstyle for the cockapoo coat, of the types we have covered, if you are looking for something easy to manage for your dog. It is short all over and is not as much of a hassle to brush or clean as other haircuts. Your dog will have a haircut that is every inch as good as any other cockapoo, with the benefit of a cut that requires less grooming.

Which is the Easiest Cockapoo Hair Style to Do At Home?

Interestingly, of all the types and we have come across, we think it is the shave/summer one that most people will find the easiest to do at home. If you have no experience using dog clippers, it may be a good idea to take your dog for their first hair cut at a professional, just so you can see how it is done and make sure your cockapoo is going to handle it okay, because as a breed, cockapoos can be a little jump and boisterous.

The best way, as with anything related to cockapoos, and indeed dogs in general though is to familiarise them with haircuts as early in their life as possible.

Grooming at Home

The best thing to do if you want your cockapoo to have a first-class haircut is to go to a groomer. However, as the ongoing costs for this service is a lot, you may be pushed to taking on the task yourself.

If you intend on taking this route, we have put together some tips we think you will find useful.

Always start by giving your cockapoo a bath with doggy shampoo and conditioner. Then brush the fur out and dry it. Why? You need to make sure you brush out any tangles and mats before you use clippers on a dog before.

You can now proceed to trim their coat to the style you prefer. We cover the dog grooming process in greater detail as well as the type of brush you should invest in here.


So there you have it, some great ideas whether you are a new cockapoo owner or have had a cockapoo for some time. We know you want your dog to have a haircut and style that makes that gorgeous coat the cockapoo is known for stand out while ensuring it is easy enough for you to maintain.