What Size Crate For a Cockapoo?

So, you’ve chosen a cockapoo from a breeder and are preparing to take him or her home soon. When you are trying to prepare your home for the new arrival, there are many things you have to think about getting – food, food bowls, toys, bed, bedding, blankets and things to help you train your newest family member. Another critical purchase you may need to make, especially if you train your cockapoo in one, is a crate.

As you would imagine, if you haven’t already looked, and if you have looked, you will know there are various sizes of crates available. Before you buy a crate, you may be wondering what the right size of crate you should buy for a cockapoo is. To help you out, we will tackle this question in the following post and highlight some great options for your pooch.

Best size of Crate for a Cockapoo

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Although there are no breed standards for a cockapoo, and how big your cockapoo will depend on the type you get – whether it’s the teacup, toy, miniature or standard size, you should still get a roomy enough crate for them. Most experts recommend that a crate 36 inches high is a good size for a cockapoo. This will allow your new dog enough room to grow into it, stretch out, and sleep without feeling too cramped or too big.

If you take a closer look at crates, you will find that many crates come with dividers which means you can compartmentalise them. This means you can create a space for your dog to sleep in and one for your dog to play in. We have covered more about crate training here.

Below, we have picked out several great dog crates from Amazon to give you some idea of the options open to you. Take a look at them to see if there is one that is suitable for your cockapoo and home.

FurDreams 36-inches Dog Cage Crate

The first dog crate we have picked out that would be perfect for your cockapoo is this one from FurDreams. Made from robust metal, it can keep your cockapoo secure, even when they are incredibly hyper and trying to bite and chew things, particularly the bars on the crate. It also benefits from an excellent base tray that is designed to be chew-resistant and is removable, so it is easy to clean. Another great thing about this crate, especially if you do not like the idea of assembling flatpack furniture, is that it comes pre-assembled. There are easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you on unfolding it. These two doors can give your dog enough freedom when it is time to come out and when you need to put food or water or change the bedding in there.

This also means that it is perfect for when you need to change the room your cockapoo is in or when you go somewhere away. The carry handle makes it easy to carry, and security has also been considered with the two sliding mechanisms that will stop your cockapoo from escaping.

PawHut Folding Fabric Soft Pet Crate

What if you plan on taking your cockapoo to many different places or don’t like the look of most metallic dog crates? This soft foldable dog crate made from 600D oxford material featuring a special PVC coating is perfect. There is mesh on all the doors and windows to provide excellent ventilation for your pooch, even when it is all closed, and it comes with a handy storage bag which it can be folded and popped into when you are on the move. As it is so inexpensive, you could also buy this as an additional crate as an alternative to a metallic one for travelling purposes.

Bunny Business Sper Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate With Roof and Wheels

If you want to splash out on an extra special dog crate for your cockapoo, you might consider this model from Bunny Business. Not only is it big and spacious at 42 inches high, but it also comes with a roof and wheels to make it easy to transport from one room to another. Made from premium quality reinforced steel with welded and not glued parts, the frame is incredibly sturdy, which means as well as providing your dog with a safe and robust space to call their own, your cockapoo will be unable to break out or escape. It also benefits from a convenient double-door design that makes it easier to get your cockapoo in and out of the crate. Thanks to the double door lashes, this cage is more secure than many other options available.

As is standard for most crates, it features a sliding plastic removable tray that makes cleaning easy when your dog spills water or has accidents. Another key feature is that it comes partially pre-assembled, with just a little work required once you take it out of the box. This is nothing more than a few screws that need to be fixed in place, and installation, on average, should take around ten minutes.


There you have it, food for thought when choosing the right crate for your cockapoo. The ideal size is 36 inches, as this will give your dog ample space without being too cramped, regardless of which size of cockapoo you invest in. We hope you can find one from the options we have listed above, but even if you can’t, we are sure the shortlist will be a good starting point for you. Remember, when you are choosing a crate, you want to make sure your dog will be safe but also comfortable. It’s not for punishment – it should become their safe space.