Do Cockapoos Sulk?

Most people, when they want to get a dog, look for one that is going to brighten their day and be a source of joy and happiness. The last thing you want is a dog prone to sulking and having miseries. Cockapoos are generally considered one of the most friendly and good-natured dog breeds. Does that mean they are always going to be that way? Do they tend to sulk? In the following article, we are going to consider these questions briefly.

Do Cockapoos Sulk?

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While cockapoos may be known for their seemingly limitless energy and boundless happiness, they are still dogs, and dogs can be emotional creatures. The truth is it depends. Some dogs, including cockapoos, will have their moments, while others will hardly ever do anything like sulk.

What Causes Cockapoos to Sulk?

This is another question that can’t be answered easily. It depends if the sulking is part of a more serious issue or if they have just gotten irritated and upset. For example, I would say that our cockapoo, Luna, does not sulk very often, if at all. There have been odd occasions over the years when she has been trying unsuccessfully to get comfy on the sofa because my wife and I are on it. As she doesn’t get her way, she takes herself off and sits on the other sofa, looking quite glum and sulky.

So, in my experience, cockapoos at least can sulk as well as any other dog. Most in the breed will not, though.

Could Sulking Be the Sign of Something More Serious?

Dogs cannot verbally express themselves and tell you if they are unwell or in pain. Therefore, it is up to you as their owner to carefully monitor your dog and to be familiar with what is normal behaviour for them and what is not.

If it’s not because they are in pain or uncomfortable, they may feel anxious or depressed. We have covered anxiety in another post that you can find here.


Cockapoos may be known for their playful, happy and energetic personalities. However, just like any breed, they can become sulky. Whether it’s because they are not getting their way, are genuinely upset about something, or there is an underlying condition that’s troubling them, it is something you will need to work out. A vet may be able to help shed some light on why your dog is feeling sulky.