The Tips And Tricks To Help Keep Your Cockapoo Happy And Healthy This Summer

Every dog owner will tell you that their pet is the perfect little bundle of joy and happiness (or big bundle, as the case may be), but there is something particularly loveable about Cockapoos. This blend of cocker spaniel and poodle is beloved by people of all ages for its cuddly teddy bear appearance and its good nature. You’re going to want to know that you’re giving them the best care and quality of life that you can, from raw dog food (more on that later) to as much running around as they need.

We’re heading into the summer now which is great news for both humans and dogs. There’ll be plenty of time for getting out into the sunshine for big walks and adventures. But downtime is important too. Let’s get into the best tips and tricks to will keep your cockapoo in its prime and having the best time doing so!

Make Sure You Keep Them Company

Cockapoos are extremely sociable dogs and love being around people. It’s one of the reasons why they are such good dogs to have around kids. But the flip side of that coin is that they shouldn’t be left on their own for too long. If you know that you’re going to be out for the day, or going away on a trip, you should consider taking them with you or arranging for someone to come in and check on them. Cockapoos get bored easily, and they may start to engage in destructive behaviour or a lot of loud barking if they’re not with you for a long stretch of time.

Take Care Of Their Diet

“Dogs will eat anything” is the kind of thing that people who have never owned a dog say. Anyone who has ever cared for a canine companion will tell you that while a lot of dogs do eat whatever they can get their paws on, they really shouldn’t. Part of being a good, responsible pet owner is keeping a very careful eye on their diet. Different breeds and different ages of dogs will have their own particular needs, so it’s important to find a dog food that actively supports them. Some dog owners have found that their pets have struggled with the soy, corn and wheat that make up a large proportion of processed dog food. That’s why the raw food diet for dogs is becoming increasingly popular. Raw dog food is all-natural and made from the ingredients that their ancestors would have eaten in the wild, with none of those nasty additives. You can find out more about the benefits of raw food for dogs at ProDog Raw. They have a wide range of options and a wealth of resources to help you figure out what kind of diet your dog would benefit from.

Keep Them Active

The Great British summer is not always the most reliable. You can make all the plans you want, but you never know when that sunny day is going to turn nasty. However, regardless of what the weather throws at you, you must keep your cockapoo busy. Cockapoos are very energetic dogs, and they are also highly intelligent (and active on social media, apparently!). You should be looking at around an hour of walk time every day (half an hour in the morning and the same again in the evening is a good rule of thumb), and if you have a garden, then you should be looking at about two hours of outdoor playtime. If you let your dog get bored, then it will start to act out as discussed previously.

Keep Their Coats Clean

Most dogs enjoy getting into all sorts of mischief in the undergrowth, and you can’t always predict when they’re going to decide that it’s time for a mud bath. Cockapoos are famous for their beautiful coats, but they need a lot of grooming to keep them clean. There are so many things that can get attached to their coats, including burrs and seeds. You also need to stay on top of trimming your cockapoo’s coat if you want to avoid matting. You need to make sure that you keep enough time free in your schedule to give your dog the grooming that it needs.

Stay Up To Date With Vaccinations

This point is important for all dogs, regardless of what breed they are. It’s so crucial that you keep on top of your pet’s vaccinations, including flea and worm treatment. It’s not always going to be immediately obvious if your cockapoo has ingested something that it shouldn’t have done, and there are always going to be some health issues that you can’t predict. But ensuring that they have had all the jabs and pills that they need to will help them to steer clear of avoidable problems and let you both enjoy a full summer of adventures together.