Where Do Cockapoos Like To Be Stroked?

Cockapoos are a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. This hybrid dog originated in the United States but now enjoys a devoted following in the United Kingdom, thanks to its friendly and highly affectionate character. 

Poodles are well-known for their high levels of intelligence, and while Cockers are also quite bright, they are known for being an affectionate breed. The resulting Cockapoo is a dog that is both intelligent and friendly.

Your Cockapoo will love you more than anything because while you might have a lot going on in your life, your Cockapoo only has you.

The Way You Pet Your Cockapoo Matters

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Depending on how you pet your Cockapoo, you might become one of their favourite people, or you might become the human he avoids like the plague. Petting a Cockapoo can send most of them running in the opposite direction if you pet or stroke them incorrectly, but other techniques will have them wagging their tails happily in your hands. 

The following are some tips for better petting, whether you’re petting your Cockapoo or one you’ve never met before. 

Most Cockapoos enjoy being petted; even some are so friendly that they enjoy being stroked by everyone! While our pups appreciate our loving scratches, not all techniques are equal.

There’s every chance you’ve become accustomed to the specific area on your Cockapoo’s body that’s their favourite spot. My dog Luna, for example, loves belly rubs, head rubs, under her chin, and she particularly enjoys the top of her tail and back-scratching. 

Even though every Cockapoo’s tastes are unique, there are five places where the majority of dogs are guaranteed to present you with a waggly tail.

Under The Chin

You probably know the best spots to pet your Cockapoo, but what about dogs you don’t know? 

The underside of a dog’s snout is an excellent spot to pet a dog you’ve just met if you have permission from the owner and the pup has already sniffed you. 

People may naturally go for the top of the dog’s head, but it may be perceived as a threat by a dog; even if the dog doesn’t see it as a threat, it’s not a good choice for your first encounter with a strange dog. 

Stroking under the dog’s chin is a much better option, especially with nervous or unsure dogs.

Cockapoo’s Chest

You can pet this area without the dog feeling threatened because the dog isn’t in a vulnerable position, like if they roll over for a belly rub (which many dogs enjoy, but not all of them and certainly not with humans they don’t know). 

Going to pet or rub the chest means the dog can see you at all times, so they don’t feel threatened by you “sneaking up” on them when you go for a rub or stroke.

Base Of The Dog’s Tail

The base of the tail is a favourite spot for most Cockapoos; it certainly is with Luna. In fact, you might start out stroking your Cockapoo’s ears only for the dog to turn around and offer you their rear end. Even though it isn’t as adorable to look at, dogs appear to enjoy having their lower backs stroked.

The likely reason your Cockapoo enjoys a lower back rub is that it’s one spot they can’t reach themselves. Think about how lovely it would be if someone would scratch that hard-to-reach spot in the middle of your back for you.

Under Their Collar

The top of a dog’s neck, especially under the collar, is an impossible spot to reach for them, just the same as the base of the tail. 

If your dog is itching in that spot, it’s a great idea to remove the collar while you’re both inside and give your dog a good scratching in that area.


The dog’s shoulders are another area where dogs love to get extra attention. The dog will not feel vulnerable by being stroked or petted on their shoulders; it’s another problematic area for them to reach independently. In addition, who doesn’t enjoy a good shoulder rub?

Final Thoughts

You can use a gentle massage or light scratching to settle a dog down. Make a gentle motion with your hand or fingers in a manner parallel to the direction of the dog’s fur. 

Petting your Cockapoo should be a shared benefit for both dog and owner. Both dog and owner can benefit from the shared experience of petting, which is calming and beneficial for both. Dogs are more likely to get closer for more stroking and petting with calm, smooth strokes.

Watch out for more sensitive areas where the dog won’t appreciate the attention, such as paws, end of the tail, around the face, tummy, and, as we’ve mentioned, the top of the head.