Will My Apricot Cockapoo Turn White?

If you’re reading this article, you already know Cockapoos are incredibly popular and the first so-called “designer dog” bred in the 1950s. There are several coat colours and varieties thanks to the parent breeds, the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle; there are several coat colours and types.

This article will focus our attention on one particular colour, Apricot. Cockapoo owners and potential owners are now aware that any Cockapoo coat’s beautiful and vibrant hues can fade (even red ones) as the dog grows into maturity.

Talking about the Cockapoo’s fading coat colour leads us to the question that owners will ask: “Will my apricot Cockapoo turn white?”

What Is An Apricot Cockapoo?

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The short answer is possible, but before we explain why this happens to many Cockapoos, it’s a good idea to discover how they got their apricot coats. Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible.

The coat colour is determined by its inherited genes, inheriting one gene from each parent. How these genes interact will decide the dog’s coat colour. The dominant and recessive genes in a dog’s genome are distinct. Dominant genes in the dog will always suppress recessive genes.

For example, a puppy would be black if one parent passed down the dominant gene for the black coat colour while the other parent passed down the recessive gene for a different coat colour.

The apricot colour gene is recessive when we talk about an Apricot Cockapoo. This means that both parents must pass down the apricot gene.

Apricot is a somewhat uncommon coat colour in Cockapoos, as both parents must be carriers of the apricot gene for it to occur.

Breeders know that apricot Cockapoos have a pretty decent fanbase, so the colour Cockapoo is a popular choice.

Happily, the good news is that plenty of breeders specialise in Cockapoos of this colour, so you don’t have too much to worry about if you’re keen on the colour.

 A professional breeder will confidently answer any questions regarding the coat colour genes in their parent dogs.

Now we’ve explained a little about the genetics involved, let’s move on to a Cockapoo’s apricot colour and what it can signify for you and your dog.

Apricot Cockapoo

Apricot colours can range from dark apricot, similar to red, to light apricot, which is just as close to cream and, in some cases, almost white. 

Red apricot and dark apricots, cream apricots and light apricots are often mistaken for one another.

It’s important to note that coat colour has no bearing on the type of coat your Cockapoo has. In the same way, the coat fading doesn’t affect the quality or style of the coat.  

Sometimes you might see tan points in your Cockapoo; however, they are more likely to occur because the Cocker Spaniel half has them. Typically you wouldn’t see more than 10% of the Cockapoo’s coat inheriting these characteristics. 

The chest and throat may also show a little bit of white. Sometimes the nose and lips in the apricot Cockapoo can be liver-coloured rather than black.

When Will My Apricot Cockapoo Colour Fade?

If your apricot Cockapoo coat colour does fade, you’ll notice a lightening of the colour from around six months. By the time your dog has matured, upwards of two years old, the fading will be complete.

Why Does A Cockapoo Coat Colour Fade?

A Cockapoo’s coat colour will fade because the puppy inherits a specific gene from the Poodle half of the cross and the dominant gene only takes one parent to pass to its offspring. 

The fading gene typically affects black, brown, and red Poodles; however, when the gene is passed to a Cockapoo puppy, it affects them regardless of their coat colour.

If you are concerned about having a dog whose coat colour fades, the best way forward is to ensure you meet the Poodle parent. If their coat has faded, then they probably carry the gene.

How Does Fading Affect The Apricot Cockapoo?

By the time they’re adults, apricot Cockapoos will usually be white or cream. The ears and muzzle of apricot Cockapoos can often retain their natural colouring.

Can You Prevent Your Apricot Cockapoo From Fading?

As mentioned, there’s no way you can prevent your Cockapoo’s coat from fading, whatever its coat colour. 

The only way to ensure your dog’s coat will not fade is to meet the Poodle half of the mix. This can sometimes be difficult if the father is the Poodle and was a stud dog. However, if you particularly want your Cockapoo to retain the vibrant colour of its puppy coat, the only thing I can suggest is to choose a breeder where you can meet both parent dogs. Naturally, make sure the Poodle doesn’t have a faded coat when you do.