How Cold Is Too Cold For A Cockapoo?

During freezing winter months, many Cockapoo owners are unsure if it’s safe for their pets to be outside because of the low temperatures.

Let’s see what you can do to make this year’s winter a happy one for both you and your Cockapoo.

To begin with, no two dogs are the same. Every dog will experience the outside temperature differently.

What gives?

Many dog breeds can handle colder weather better than others because of their thick and double-layered coats, such as the Siberian Husky and the Samoyed. Dogs with thinner coats like the Greyhound, Whippet, and Staffies.

The increased surface area to volume ratio of smaller breeds causes them to grow chilly more quickly than larger dogs. In this way, dogs that suffer from the cold include Chihuahuas and the Chinese Crested.

Can Cockapoos Get Cold In Winter?

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In the winter, Cockapoos can and do suffer from the cold. Like people, dogs are also prone to hypothermia and frostbite. When it’s cold enough, even indoor dogs need extra attention.

Make sure your Cockapoo has access to drinking water at all times Pet-friendly nose balms are another option for Cockapoos that suffer from dry nasal passages during the winter.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Cockapoos Outside?

If it’s freezing for you and you’re wrapped up well against the cold, then the odds are it’s too cold for your Cockapoo. As you’re undoubtedly aware, Cockapoos come in different types of coats. So it’s fair to assume that a Cockapoo that has a lovely insulating undercoat and a topcoat will suffer less than Cockapoos with single flat coats.

Age also has a role in a Cockapoo’s ability to regulate its body temperature, so if it’s freezing, you should supply them with a sweater or coat and restrict their exposure to extreme temperatures, especially for puppies and older dogs.

Diabetes, heart problems, and kidney disease can increase Cockapoo’s vulnerability to the cold. Wind chill and other weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, or snow, can make it considerably colder for dogs to be out in the open. 

You should never leave your Cockapoo outside for an extended period if the temperature drops to minus one or lower, regardless of how well some Cockapoos enjoy the cold weather.

Signs Your Cockapoo Is Too Cold

When your Cockapoo is too cold, they may shiver, bend over and hunch their shoulders, and raise or hold their paws off the ground when they feel too cold. Hypothermia can occur in extreme circumstances. Lethargy, muscle stiffness, weakness, and lack of mental awareness are all signs that your dog is suffering from hypothermia. You should seek emergency care if your dog develops any of the above symptoms.

What To Do If Your Cockapoo Gets Too Cold

Even before you step outside, consider dressing your Cockapoo in layers for warmth. A coat or sweater may be the best option if the weather is freezing.

Never leave a dog alone in a cold car since it might exacerbate the symptoms of hypothermia. As mentioned previously, call your veterinarian right away if your Cockapoo shows any indications of hypothermia or frostbite.

How To Protect Your Cockapoo’s Paws From The Cold?

Cockapoo’s paws are particularly vulnerable to the cold since they are one of the few body parts that lack fur. If the weather is freezing, dogs may experience frostbite on their paws. The use of booties to protect paws from the cold, salt, and sand on pavements is an excellent option if your Cockapoo is willing to wear them. 

If not, then using soap and water or even dog wipes to clean your Cockapoo’s paws will help prevent harm and clean any ice or snow trapped between the dog’s pads. 

Can Cockapoos Get Cold At Night?

Even though Cockapoos are kept indoors, they can sometimes get cold at night. You might want to consider giving your Cockapoo an extra blanket to snuggle up to in bed if you believe they are feeling chilly at night. 

The majority of dogs don’t get cold at night when indoors, or if they do, they’ll go in search of someplace warmer.


In the coldest time of year, don’t allow the snow or cooler temperatures to keep you and your Cockapoo inside. It’s not surprising that Cockapoos adore the winter months when they can be seen bounding through the snow in pure joy. But keep in mind that Cockapoos, too, can suffer from the cold.