8 Essential Tips for Travelling with Your Cockapoo

Cockapoos are incredibly friendly, affectionate, and have a lovely temperament making them the best companion you’d want to have around. The thought of leaving your Cockapoo when traveling can be pretty daunting. 

However, you can avoid this and take it with you to different places and explore the world alongside your fur friend. You’ll need to plan for your Cockapoo’s travel to ensure its safety, comfort, and ease when traveling. Here are some essential tips to consider when traveling with your Cockapoo.

Train Your Cockapoo to Travel 

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Training your Cockapoo to travel beforehand will make the experience easier for both of you. You can do this by first training it to only go to the bathroom when you allow it. Traveling will limit bathroom breaks, so you need to ensure that your dog can hold it. 

Additionally, try to sit through a movie or two with your dog to see how it will handle inactivity. If it stays calm throughout, you can trust that traveling with it will be easier. However, if it’s restless and wants to keep moving around, keep up with the training to help familiarize it with staying still. 

Consider going for short trips on public transport to see how your dog responds to strangers. The short trips will serve as a gradual introduction to traveling for your Cockapoo and benefit you in the end. Finding Cockapoo puppies who are comfortable traveling without any training can prove challenging. Therefore, invest some time to introduce your Cockapoo to the life of travel. 

Get a Quality Pet Carrier

Traveling requires you to have a quality pet carrier that is comfortable for your Cockapoo to stay in for long periods. These carriers are designed to help keep your dog in a safe place and make it easier for you to move around with it. 

When looking to get a quality pet carrier, avoid looking at the price and pay more attention to the features it comes with. Consider getting a sturdy and light carrier that also has metal to prevent your dog from chewing its way out. 

Once you have your pet carrier with you, get your Cockapoo acquainted with it to help it get used to being in that carrier. Taking the time to make your Cockapoo comfortable in the carrier is essential to make your trips smooth and enjoyable. 

Get Your Cockapoo’s Health in Check

When traveling, keep in mind that you’ll be introducing your Cockapoo to a different environment that could expose them to certain conditions. Therefore, before embarking on your journey, do some research on where you’ll be headed and get your dog vaccinated accordingly. 

One of the most common vaccinations dogs get when traveling is Rabies and should be a priority to ensure your dog’s safety. Additionally, you’ll be required to provide health papers of your dog in some countries when you visit. Having those papers in check will make everything go by faster and allow you to take your Cockapoo with you. 

Pack All Your Cockapoo’s Necessities

When packing for your trip, remember to include some essential items to make traveling with your Cockapoo easier. Have a checklist to ensure you do not leave anything out. Going on a trip without being prepared may ruin the experience. Therefore, ensure that you carry everything you’ll need to make your travel experience a breeze. Some suggestions to have in your checklist include;

  • Food 
  • Collapsible bowls
  • Poop bags
  • Reusable zip ties
  • Coats for cold seasons
  • Collar and leash
  • Toys
  • Grooming kit  
  • Dog tags

Book a Seat or Reserve Space For Your Cockapoo

If your Cockapoo is well trained to travel and will stay calm for a long duration, you can have it close to you. Book a seat next to you where you can place your pet carrier or have it just under your seat to ensure you stay close. 

However, if your Cockapoo is still a bit difficult to travel with and keeps barking and growling, it will have to travel as a checked pet. Checked pets are held in the luggage area to avoid any inconveniences that may occur from the noise your Cockapoo makes. 

Feed Your Cockapoo 4 Hours Before Leaving

Traveling with your Cockapoo means fewer bathroom breaks for it, and that can be quite an adjustment, especially if it’s not trained. However, you can make the experience easier by cutting off food and water four hours before the trip begins. 

Halting food and water in advance will help your Cockapoo go to the bathroom before traveling and not feel the urge to do so for a while. Going with this ensures that you do not starve your dog through the trip, but at the same time, you won’t need to deal with any mishaps.

Depending on the duration of your trip, you can opt to give your dog some water throughout the journey. Aim to provide it with supervised water sips to ensure that it does not suffer from dehydration. However, do not go overboard with the water intake to avoid dealing with bathroom emergencies from your dog. 

Give Your Cockapoo a Treat on Arrival

Once you get to your destination, take your Cockapoo and let it relieve itself. It is easy to get carried away by the excitement of completing a successful trip with your dog. However, don’t forget to check on your Cockapoo to ensure that it is well and comfortable. 

To give your Cockapoo thanks for being such a great sport, offer it its favorite treat and give it a lot of cuddles. Taking time to bond with your dog after a trip will help affirm that it did a great job during the journey. 

Check Your Host’s Pet Requirements

Pay attention to the rules set up by your host regarding having pets around. Whether you’re in a hotel or an Airbnb, you’ll find that most people will state what is acceptable when you have a pet with you. 

For example, some will note that the pets should not be on the furniture, while others will have no problem. Familiarizing yourself with your host’s expectations will help you adhere to the rules.