Are Cockapoos Indoor or Outdoor Dogs?

We can date the Cockapoo all the way back to the 1960s even though it seems to be over the last few years that their popularity has exploded. It’s common knowledge that they make great family pets but you may be wondering if your lifestyle suits them. Are they couch potatoes or do they have endless energy and need to be outside running around all day? 

What Were Cockapoos Bred For?

Cockapoos were one of the first, if not the first designer breed established by breeding two pedigree dogs together. They weren’t bred for a job but rather their coat. The Cockapoo was created for the purpose of having a non-shedding coat to serve as an intelligent companion.

They’re super trainable and flexible to different living situations. They make great family pets and therapy dogs so while they weren’t bred for a job, some do have jobs!

We have a dog that was bred to be a companion from two working breed dogs. Both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels were bred as hunting dogs so in theory when we put them together you should get a dog that wants to be outdoors all day and goes stir-crazy inside, right? Not quite.

Do Cockapoos Enjoy Being Indoors?

Some days I can pick up the lead and my dog is too busy laying upside down on the couch to even contemplate getting up. Cockapoos are clever dogs and you can leave it to them to find the most comfortable spot in the house to sleep a lot of the day away.

If there’s so much as a drizzle in the air, my own hardy little working breed mix won’t dare venture outside to the toilet unless she’s desperate. Sometimes I have to accompany her for moral support.

If there’s a spot of sun coming through the window you can guarantee a Cockapoo will find it and bask in it like they’re trying to recharge their batteries. It’s a hard life looking that adorable and making friends with everyone they need so they need their beauty sleep.

Even if you have a Cockapoo that loves to be out in all weather, the mixture of a curly-coated and flat-coated dog means they might be low shedding but their fur is very good at sucking up all the mud. It’s not the most insulating fur either despite looking quite thick so they are prone to getting cold sometimes and do benefit from indoors time to warm up.

Will a Cockapoo Enjoy The Outdoors?

While they are designer dogs, don’t be fooled into thinking you have a dog who doesn’t like to get their paws dirty. Cockapoos may not like to go out to the toilet in the rain but once you get them outside, they’re ready to go. You might have a slow start but the second you unclip that lead to let them have a run, they will suddenly have all the energy in the world.

Mud and puddles are no match for these little curly-coated energiser bunnies. They will somehow find the dirtiest paths to splash down and after a good run will usually return to you wearing half of the foliage they’ve been running through to show you exactly where they’ve been.

Cockapoos may love a cuddle on the couch but they also love sprinting full speed down a beach after a ball or making friends with every single dog they come across and playing until they tire them out, then it’s off to the next potential friend.

They really are versatile dogs so it might be that every Cockapoo is different and it depends on what they’re used to and how they’ve been brought up that might make them lean more one way or the other. So, in answer to the question, are Cockapoos indoor or outdoor dogs I have to give a resounding yes to both and no to both. It depends on the day!