Are Cockapoos Good With Small Dogs?

When you are bringing a dog into your home, like a cockapoo, one of the concerns you will have is whether or not it is going to fit in and get on with the rest of your household or family. As dogs can be quite territorial, it can be a concern if you already have a dog and bring a cockapoo into the equation or intend on getting another dog in addition to your cockapoo, that they are going to get on.

You may have concerns that it will end in disaster and the smaller dog will be bitten or end up in a fight with your cockapoo. This is why, like many other people, you may be wondering “are cockapoos good with small dogs?” Let’s discuss this subject a little.

Cockapoo Temperament

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the cockapoo’s temperament. As you are probably aware by now, cockapoos are considered to be very good family dogs, sociable and generally friendly. This friendliness not only extends to the human members of a household, including small children but also cats, smaller animals and indeed dogs.

Cockapoos Can Get Jealous, But Are Not Inherently Aggressive or Bullies

It’s important to note that like most breeds of dogs, and maybe even more so than some, cockapoos can suffer from jealousy. So, if you bring a small dog into your home or your cockapoo comes into your home and you already have a small dog, there could be some tension. We have looked at cockapoo jealousy in a different article that can be found here, where you will find lots of information about how to manage a jealous dog.

Other than that, if you carefully introduce the new member of the household, whether it’s the cockapoo or another smaller dog, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Our Own Experience with Our Cockapoo and Small Dogs

In my own experience with my cockapoo Luna, I would say that compared to many dog breeds, cockapoos are great with other dogs, including smaller ones. When Luna goes to doggy daycare, she socialises with dogs of all different shapes, breeds and sizes, from German Shepherds to small Jack Russell.

In my opinion, based on what I have experienced with Luna and how she acts with other smaller dogs, I would reiterate the fact that cockapoos are good with small dogs. They like being part of a pack and would be less likely to try and bully other dogs.