Best Dog Beds for Cockapoos

Who has a cockapoo or another medium-sized dog that has, regardless of whether it was deliberate or not, kicked them out of their own bed? Let’s have a show of hands, don’t be shy. So, most people then?

You see, as much as we love having our dogs in bed with us, apart from strengthening the bond in the pack, it actually does both you the owner and your dog more harm than good.

Our Selection Of Beds

1. Home Hut Fur Dog Bed

The first dog’s bed we have to look at is this great offering from Home Hut. It is an extremely soft and spacious mattress that will give your dog the comfort it needs at the end of the day or whenever he or she fancies a nap.

With a nice textured design and deep purple colour, it will not look out of place in most décor. Made from polyester, the medium mattress measures 80 x 55cm and comes with a removable cover that is machine washable. Given its especially low price, you may be a little sceptical of its quality. However, it’s extremely high rating with Amazon customers is a good indication that this is a worthy investment.

2. Firstone Washable Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Next in our list is this plush bed for your cockapoo from Firstone. Available in three smart colours, it is made from high-quality fleece and PP cotton to produce a breathable and relaxing spot for your canine friend. It also features incorporated into its design support bolsters padded with PP cotton and a non-slip style bottom that helps to make sure the bed stays in the same place without your floor being at risk from damage.

Although there is never any guarantee, as we pointed out earlier, this dog bed has been given a layer of bite-resistant material that should prolong its lifespan and allow it to put up with

3. AllPetSolutions Dexter Waterproof Washable Dog Bed

Next, we have a very similar style of dog bed from AllPetSolutions. The Dexter model of bed offers a stunning combination of good aesthetics for looking great in your home and high-quality materials to offer a durable and robust solution for your cockapoo.

It features a waterproof Oxford cotton fabric that is very waterproof, hardwearing and easy to clean. As is the case with the others we’ve featured, it can be stuck in the washing machine to clean it, has a non-slip backing so that the bed will always stay where it is placed, even on polished tiles and flooring.

Also, similarly to other dog beds, it has high standing sides with a lot of padding that provides protection against draughts for your dog.

Why They Need Their Own Bed

Your dog needs its own comfortable sleepy haven. After all, it’s not very easy trying to sleep when you are pushed to the edge of the bed because your dog is taken up all the space. Whereas your spouse or partner may do the same, they are generally intelligent enough to hear your complaints and will simply give you more space and a bit more of the quality. Your dog doesn’t really understand that.

Given how much the dog and pet accessory industry has evolved, you’d think it was an easy task to find a bed suitable for your cockapoo. The reality is that it’s not actually that easy at all. Medium dogs, although not to the same extent as large dogs have specific needs for their bed. They need a bed that will provide them with a place to call their own where they can curl up and relax while getting adequate support and cushioning for their bulkier and heavier bones and joints. Especially from the hard floors, you may have in your home.

So, you may wonder, how do you go about finding the best dog bed for your cockapoo? We can help you. Below we have put together a buying guide and also highlighted what we believe are six of the best products retailing now.

How to Choose A Suitable Dog Bed for Your Cockapoo

Before you go any further in your search for a dog bed for your cockapoo, you need to understand what you should be looking for. There are five aspects you should always consider:

  • Its Durability
  • Its Size
  • How Convenient It Is to Maintain
  • The cost
  • Extras

Let’s look at each of these important aspects separately to help you appreciate why they are so vital to your decision.

Its Size

You obviously need to choose a bed that is the right size for your dog. Don’t just find the one that matches your dog’s measurements exactly, as they need space to kick about, shuffle and sort themselves out so they can get comfortable.

If you are crate training your dog or they are already used to staying in their crate at night, you need to make sure the bed you choose will fit properly inside it.

How Convenient It is To Maintain and Clean

Hopefully, your dog is clean indoors or at least on the right path to being clean. Even if you are sure they are not going to urinate or poop their bed, that doesn’t mean it won’t need to be cleaned. Even a dog that doesn’t shed as much will need their bedding cleaned regularly. With that in mind, then, you need to consider how easy it will be to remove covers and other parts of the bed to clean and dry them.

Always Consider the Cost, but Remember It’s Not Everything

Like any other product, you should consider the cost. A cheap dog bed is often cheap because sacrifices have been made either in its design, construction or the materials used. While it’s fair to say that if you pay a little more for a dog bed, you can expect it to be of better quality, expensive doesn’t always equate to better.

Its Durability

Cockapoos, although they are not quite as troublesome as Labradors and other bigger dogs, are still known to be very boisterous and excitable. With that in mind, the dog bed you choose needs to have a reasonable degree of durability to ensure it can cope with the wear and tear the dog may put it through.

If you look online on social media platforms like Facebook and forums, you will see that many cockapoo owners have had some seriously bad experiences with dog beds and their canine buddies. There are even some alarming (or hilarious, depending on what you find funny and when it’s not your own dog or purchases) images of the aftermath of a cockapoo having a bit too much fun with their bed. Unfortunately for some, there are even some people who have replaced their cockapoo’s bed at least eight times!

It’s for that reason that we need to state the disclaimer that we really can’t guarantee or promise that any of the beds we have selected for this post are not going to suffer at the paws and jaw of your dog.


When you find a dog bed that meets the above requirements, you can then consider the extra features it may offer, appropriate for your own cockapoos needs. A good example of this is the fact that some dog beds are made to provide support and help for dogs suffering from arthritis through special orthopaedic designs.


Well, there you go, our picks of the best cockapoo dog beds. It is important to remind you that there are no guarantees with any of the above products. Judging by the reviews of those individual items, though, customers have had better experiences overall with those than others.

You know your dog better than anyone and know how destructive he or she can be, so always keep that in mind, as we’ve already stated, to avoid disappointment. Solid and consistent training, if your dog is still a puppy, may be able to help prevent your dog from destroying its bed too easily, as will how calm and relaxed you make bedtime.

Whatever happens, you will be glad for the extra space on your own bed, and they will appreciate their own space and not being told off for stealing your quilt by having their own little place to call their own.