Cockapoo Litter Size: How Many Puppies Does A Cockapoo Have?

Dogs, unlike humans, rarely give birth to just one puppy at a time. This fact is probably something that most of us already know. However, this article aims to determine how many puppies a litter of Cockapoos will produce, how many litters are safe, how often you should allow the mother to breed and whether or not the female’s size is an issue.

As cockapoos are medium-sized dogs, a cockapoo litter size of four to seven puppies can be expected and is pretty standard. However, the first litter a female Cockapoo conceives will typically see between two and four pups. If a female Cockapoo gives birth to eight or more puppies in one cockapoo litter, we would usually consider that a large litter. 

We’ll also look at the Cockapoo’s heat cycle, how long the pregnancy lasts, and the role of the male dog concerning cockapoo litter size. By the time you finish the article, you’ll have a much better understanding of a Cockapoo’s litter. 

The Largest Cockapoo Litter On Record

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How many puppies can a cockapoo have? As we mentioned, Cockapoo litters typically have four to seven pups, depending on the mother’s size, with the first cockapoo litter size being smaller, ranging from 2 to 4 puppies. That’s normal for most dog breeds; tiny breeds might only have one puppy in their first litter. It’s common for Cockapoo mothers to have over seven puppies, but it can happen. The biggest cockapoo litter was eleven puppies.

How Long Are Cockapoos Pregnant?

So, how long are cockapoos pregnant? A Cockapoo’s gestation time is shorter than humans, ranging from 58 to 68 days. Because of this, unless you anticipate and regularly check their status, you won’t have much time to prepare before you see the changes occurring within your female.

You will recognise the signs as long as you know what to look for.

How Do You Know Your Cockapoo Is Pregnant?

Changes In Your Cockapoo’s Appetite

If your dog has recently mated, you should watch for any changes in its appetite. The dam’s mental and physical well-being can be drastically altered when they fall pregnant.

There are several possible explanations for a change in appetite other than pregnancy, so unless you’re expecting a pregnancy, keep an eye out for different causes, including underlying disorders and depression. As a result, if these symptoms occur frequently, seek the advice of your vet.

Behavioural Changes

Changes in behaviour because of hormonal changes are another possible indicator of pregnancy. The mother carrying unborn puppies may be the main contributing factor to her abrupt onset of lethargy.

Your Cockapoo may become more affectionate or aggressive during this period. Every dog’s situation is unique; therefore, the outcome ultimately depends on how your dog reacts to the physical changes they are experiencing.

Physical Changes

Besides their expanding tummy, you may see that their nipples are also growing because their mammary glands are preparing to produce milk.

It’s also possible that females with a history of giving birth have drooping nipples, leading to their enlargement.

What Is Relaxin in Dogs?

A female dog’s placenta produces this protein hormone, making it an excellent tool for determining whether or not a female dog is pregnant.

As non-pregnant dogs don’t have placentae, this test is highly accurate when done appropriately. A qualified vet can test with a single blood sample in about 30 minutes.

As the name relaxin suggests, it plays a role in the softening of the dog’s cervix during the act of giving birth. The vet should run the test after 25 days gestation, or the result could be a false positive, so determining the accurate ovulation date is essential. Because relaxin levels remain relatively high even after a miscarriage, vets recommend two tests run at least 7-10 days apart. 

How Many Litters Can a Cockapoo Have?

At roughly six months, most female dogs become sexually mature and begin their first heat cycle. There are numerous variations in this cycle, depending on the breed.

Breeders who take breeding ethics seriously will never mate a female dog during her first heat cycle. She should be at least two years old for her first litter. At this age, it permits the female to become physically mature and have enough time for all the relevant health examinations. 

Female Cockapoos should have their final litter no older than seven years of age because this reduces the risk of miscarriages, birthing issues and too many sickly puppies. 

There is a wide range of variability in the number of times a dog goes into heat each year. Each cockapoo pregnancy impacts how many litters a Cockapoo has and how regular this cycle is.

Unlike male dogs, female dogs can only bear so many litters at most during their lives. The dog’s health, the recovery time following delivery, and mental condition all play a role in how many litters your Cockapoo can safely have. Veterinary experts say a female dog shouldn’t have more than four litters during her life.

When it comes to large litters, it’s best not to breed back-to-back cycles because the whelping procedure drains the female tremendously.

How Often Can Males Dogs Breed?

Male dogs can be used as stud dogs as early as six months of age, but it’s better to wait until they’re 18 to 24 months old before doing so. Similarly to the bitch, this is done to ensure that proper health testing can be carried out.

The amount of times you can breed your stud is limitless. It is possible to breed an old male if he is in good condition, although the quality of his sperm may deteriorate with time.

In addition, it’s a good idea to think about the gene pool. Interbreeding is always possible if a stud is utilised an abnormally high number of times, especially in the same area. A litter’s health and deformities can be adversely affected by this alone.

How Long is a Cockapoo Female in Season?

Cockapoos have a three- to four-week season. Some Cockapoos, however, have been reported to be in season for up to six weeks. There’s no need to panic, but don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you are concerned.

You’ll notice the tell-tale indications when your Cockapoo settles into a routine.

Signs Your Cockapoo Is In Season

  • Frequent urination
  • Licking or cleaning the genital area frequently
  • Vaginal discharge/bleeding
  • Appetite Changes
  • Unsettled
  • The vulva becomes engorged

How Long Are Cockapoos Pregnant For?

Nine weeks is the average cockapoo gestation period. Regardless of their size or breed, all dogs are subject to this. You can spot a pregnant Cockapoo before a veterinarian confirms it. These are some examples of what to look out for:

Increase appetite

  • Severe Tiredness
  • Turn much more clingy
  • Engorged nipples

Your veterinarian will use an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, and a second scan may be available closer to the due date of the Cockapoo’s delivery. We mentioned relaxin earlier in the article. Typically, an ultrasound can be performed around 30 days into the cockapoo pregnancy, so you’ll likely not see a vet check for relaxin.

Ultrasound has difficulties accurately counting the number of puppies; however, it can detect heartbeats. 

Cockapoo Whelping Preparations

When a pregnant dog is delivered, it is referred to as whelping. Make sure you have all the supplies your dog will need to make the experience as painless as possible if you intend to deliver the puppies at home.

  • Prepare a whelping area for your Cockapoo.
  • It would be best if you filled the whelping box with robust cardboard and cartons to support your dog when she lies down.
  • Trim their nipples and belly hairs in advance.
  • Prepare an appropriate disinfectant for the umbilicus of the pups.
  • Make a list of all the phone numbers you’ll need in the event of an emergency with your Cockapoo.

Standard delivery, if there are no issues, can take up to 20-60 minutes, depending on the length of labour. You can assist the mother’s labour, but don’t push or pull on the puppies when they emerge.

What Determines The Number Of Puppies In A Cockapoo Litter

Breeders are a significant factor in how many puppies a litter will have. They often use artificial insemination to change the fertilisation process if there is a waiting list of potential buyers interested in a specific breed.

It’s common for breeders to use this procedure, even if it doesn’t always guarantee an increase in the number of pups that the mother conceives.

According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), litters born in the spring season can be larger than at other times.

There is a strong correlation between the size of a litter and the breed of the mother and father. Larger dogs are more likely to have a larger litter because their bodies can support more pups. A small or medium dog typically gives birth to no more than seven puppies during a single cockapoo pregnancy. 


Final Thoughts on Cockapoo Litter Size

There’s no definitive way to know how many puppies your Cockapoo will have. If your dog has given birth previously, that might indicate the likely number, but even that’s not necessarily accurate.

Ultrasound scans will pick up the puppy’s heartbeats but not the number.

From female to female, each cockapoo litter size is unique. To make an informed guess, you have to consider the mother’s size, the male’s size, the mother’s age, and the number of pregnancies she has already had.

Undoubtedly, your female Cockapoo’s pregnancy can be a worrying time but also a wonderful experience, and once the puppies are born, they make a fantastic addition to your family. We hope we helped answer the question “how many puppies do cockapoos have?” and that you now understand how many they have better.