Camping With Your Cockapoo (Pack list and Benefits)

I’ve been camping a few times with my dog. It was great fun, but Luna is a nervous dog so it was a bit of hard work. If your dog isn’t nervous I am sure you will have an even better time!

Top Tips

Pick a tent that’s big enough

We have a 3 man tent and its quite a high one that you can stand up in. We didn’t want a massive family tent as there’s just the 2 of us and the dog but we felt a 2 man tent was too small.

The tent we have also had a little porch area on the front. This is perfect for storing all the stuff the dog doesn’t need at that current time as it’s then out of the way from the sleeping area.

Essential Items We Took

Your Cockapoo is going to be in new surroundings and it could be a bit overwhelming for them at times. That’s why its important to take items from home that they know.


We all like to eat junk food when we are away. I remember we changed Luna’s food for some crazy reason when we went away. It didn’t agree with her and she had a very bad stomach. I’d recommend just taking your usual dog food with you but still give them some tasty treats now and again.


Some campsites are literally just a field with no running water. You want to make sure you have enough water for your cockapoo for the duration of your trip. I’d recommend keeping some in the car just as a backup. 

Food and water bowls

Just take your regular bowls from home. Its what your cockapoo will be used to eating out of. Or if you don’t have room take some pop up bowls.

A tie-out steak

If I can give you one piece of camping advice then taking a tie-out stake would be it. Most campsites insist that your dog is on a lead or kept under control at all times. Having a tie out stake keeps your hands free from holding a lead and gives your cockapoo the freedom to explore without running off.

Poo Bags

Just take a full roll of new poo bags! Chances are you might need more than usual.

Do they have a favourite blanket?

We took Luna’s favourite blanket with us. It’s what she curls up on when she’s on the sofa and its something that makes her feel a bit more familiar with her surroundings.


Take a few spare towels. Your Cockapoo will be outdoors a lot more than usual, and if the British weather is anything to go by then it’s likely going to rain for at least part of your trip.


We took a few of Luna’s favourite toys. These helped to keep her occupied when we all wanted a bit of chill time.

Dog First Aid Kit

These are pretty cheap and you can get them online or from most pet shops. We actually keep one in the boot of our car at all times so we have it with us if we are somewhere far away from home that’s not familiar to us.

Find Out Where The Nearest Vets Is

We always store the nearest vets details on our phone. We have never had to use them but it gives us peace of mind that we know how far away the nearest vets is just in case anything happens. We never research where the nearest doctors are for us humans…. nope, it’s all about the dog!

Is Your Dog A Barker?

Campsites are generally quiet places after a certain time. How will your dog react? There is going to be a lot of new sounds and smells for them. If your dogs a barker this could frustrate other campers who are going there for the peace and quiet. It could be worth asking for a camping spot in a far corner if you are worried that your dog might bark.

The benefits of taking your Cockapoo camping with you

The benefits far outway and disadvantages (in my opinion).

They are great for meeting new people

We have met so many new people just because they saw we had a dog, and they had a dog. Before you know it, you are sharing a bottle of wine with them while the dogs have a good run around together. Its a win-win for everyone.

You don’t have to leave them at home

Your dog wants to be with you 24/7, and while it’s nice to have a break from them at times it’s also nice to take them with you and have then experience camping. You also won’t feel guilty for leaving them at home.

Exploring somewhere new

Taking your dog with you means there’s a good chance you will end up exploring somewhere new that you didn’t know about before. Your dog may want to have a walk in the evening, whereas you would prefer to chill. Getting out with them may lead you to somewhere new and exciting. 

You save money

Taking them with you means you won’t have to pay for an expensive dog sitter or put them in kennels.

They provide you with hours of fun

Let’s be honest, there’s never a dull moment with your dog around. They will make you feel younger and always put a smile on your face, especially Cockapoos which are one big fluffy bundle of fun!