Can Cockapoos Drink Tea?

Have you ever sat enjoying your morning cuppa with your precious Cockapoo by your side, spotted their water bowl sitting lonely in the corner and thought aww poor thing only ever gets to drink boring water, maybe I’ll give him/her a cup to have with me? Wait, do not do it without checking it out.

But first I cannot stress enough that you should NEVER give you Cockapoo, or any dog, coffee because caffeine is extremely dangerous for them and in the worst scenario could end with the death of your family pet from caffeine poisoning, yes it is that serious, even decaffeinated coffee is a no-no as it still contains some caffeine and could cause problems.

Can dogs drink tea safely?

The bottom line is yes you can give your dog tea but only in moderate amounts and not all can be given, there are herbal teas that you can let them have safely but only ever give a decaffeinated tea and a very small amount as an occasional treat with a small amount of milk.

We all love to give our dogs human foods every now and then and all dogs naturally want to try everything we are eating or drinking, but, only some food and drinks are suitable, so make sure to do your research to avoid the foods that can affect their overall health.

Now for the teas that you can share with your furry companion occasionally, after all, tea is one of the most drank liquids around the world, with the herbal varieties bringing with them health benefits for both humans and dogs alike.

Herbal teas and their benefits

Although we all refer to these as herbal teas they are actually not tea at all, made from a variety of spices, herbs and even fruits that have been used for hundreds of years as traditional remedies, probably where a lot of our old wives tales come from.

Yet only fairly recently have any studies or research been done on whether these benefits will carry through to our beloved four-legged friends. Herbal teas in the main are caffeine-free so can be given to dogs as an occasional treat bringing with them a lot of health benefits.

Chamomile and peppermint teas are known for being good for the digestive system for both humans and dogs alike, while others are a great source of antioxidants that will help clear any toxins that may be in the blood. There are even some that have natural antibiotic properties and some that act as anti-inflammatories.

Maybe if you are keen on your herbs and know what’s what you could have some fun and brew your own herb infusion for your pet, but obviously only as long as you know what you are doing because what is safe for humans may not be so for our well-loved pets.

Remember never be tempted to add sugar or give ready-made tea drinks either as these will contain sugar along with other additives. Before giving your pet supplements of any kind always consult your vet to ensure it is not only suitable but also about the amount that should be given.