Can Cockapoos Live In An Apartment?

Are cockapoos good apartment dogs? Yeah, they can. I mean, why can’t they? Other dogs do, so in theory, there is no reason why cockapoos can’t too.

However, my personal opinion is that an apartment is not suitable for a cockapoo and you can’t give this breed of dog the kind of life they need. Many dog owners may have a different opinion to me, but if I lived in an apartment I don’t think it would suit Luna my cockapoo.

Maybe you have split up with a partner and had to downsize to an apartment like the ones at the River Ranch Townhomes Apartments Santa Clarita CA 91387 and are taking your dog with you. I can see why you are taking your cockapoo with you to your new home, as I would do the same thing. It may be just that a normal front and back door home is not an option for you.

Regardless of the situation and the things that are going on in your life right now, you probably have many questions such as: are cockapoos good apartment dogs and how will they cope?

Can Cockapoos Live In An Apartment?

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This is one of these questions that come up time and time again. I am sure breeders get asked it a lot too. Let’s look at this debate in some more depth as all the information I’ve seen about them being suitable for cockapoos is on American sites. Their apartments are likely to be bigger and fancier than ours in the UK. Dogs like cockapoos need a lot of space and need to be taken for a walk often, even in a more traditional home, but in a flat, I’d imagine this would be more of an issue.

Toilet Training

Puppy training will be possible in a flat, but it will be much harder. I’ve written another article here on cockapoo puppy pad training, but I think it would be so much harder if I lived in a flat and I don’t know how I would approach it with a cockapoo puppy.

Luna Sometimes Needs To Go Out at 4 am

This is very rare, but sometimes my cockapoo, Luna, will wake me up at 4 am or some other random time in the morning. It’s frustrating, but I can’t ignore her as she’s being a good dog, letting me know she needs to pop to the bathroom and doesn’t want to make a mess inside. I can’t imagine how hard this would be if I was in a 4th-floor property. I’d have to put some shoes on, walk down the stairs etc.

In a house, it’s still a pain (as I like my sleep) but we can just walk to the back garden, she has a quick wee, and then we head back inside.

Ground Floor Apartment

Personally, the only way I would own a pet like a cockapoo in an apartment is if it was a ground-floor apartment. Preferably one with nice double doors that go out onto a shared garden so that it’s easier just to let my dog out.

More Neighbours

As discussed a lot on this site before, as pets, cockapoos are a breed of dog that can suffer from separation anxiety. This means that if they are left alone for long periods there’s a higher chance they could bark a lot, which many people will find annoying. This could not only annoy one neighbour (if you lived in a semi-detached home) but it could also annoy neighbours below, above and side to side.

Also, with their being more people around there’s a bigger chance they will make more noise, which could put your dog on edge and make them bark more at everything they were hearing. This then ends up being a bit of a vicious circle.

Make Sure Dogs Are Allowed

A lot of apartments don’t allow any sort of pets, let alone the boisterous cross breed of cocker spaniel and poodle you get with a cockapoo. Make sure you double-check with your property landlord that pets and dogs are allowed. The last thing you want is to move in and then face eviction or having to find somewhere else for your dog to live while you sort it out. A lot of it might depend on how low shedding your cockapoo is, and whether it is more like a spaniel or a poodle.

Ideally, you should make a list of all the questions you need need to ask the landlord, whether it’s a private landlord, a housing association or the local council.

Plenty Of Exercise

If you do decide to have a cockapoo in your apartment then you will need to ensure it gets plenty of exercise. This is true whether you have an adult cockapoo or an adult. They are a needy breed of dog who has a similar personality to cocker spaniels and require a walk every day.

If you have children, this will be okay, as your children can play a part. Being trapped inside the home all day will not be suitable, as there is often not enough space for them to explore, and like many cross breeds from cocker spaniel parent breeds, need room to exercise. Living in a house I do have the option of “Its too cold tonight” let’s play some ball in the garden.

Final Thoughts

So, are cockapoos good for apartments? I hope I haven’t sounded too negative in this article. It is possible to live with an apartment with a Cockapoo, I just think it would be hard work in that living space and not an ideal situation for the kind of attention, exercise and lifestyle that cockapoos benefit from as pets. When you have an animal you need to ensure you can give them a satisfying life. If it’s an option you could ask questions like those covered in this post when you are approaching breeders, or if you are between homes, try and find a place with the ideal qualities for giving a cockapoo a satisfying life.

Do you have a cockapoo apartment dog? Let us know how yours copes in the comments below.