Can Cockapoos Eat Cheese?

There are a lot of posts and questions submitted online to different sites and forums asking the same type of question – “Can cockapoos eat…”. In this post, we are going to discuss one of the most common of all these questions “can cockapoos eat cheese?”. This is usually because dog owners like to use cheese as a reward and treat. The problem with questions like this is that the answer is not a simple yes or no.

Cheese, though, is not inherently toxic to cockapoos and other dogs. However, some dogs have a sensitivity to lactose-based products. If they consume cheese, they can potentially suffer from stomach upsets. Even when dogs are not lactose intolerant or sensitive, cheese is not always the best choice as it is incredibly high in fat and can therefore increase your dog’s weight more than is healthy.

If you are thinking about giving your dog some cheese, there are some considerations you need to make first.

Cheese As High-Value Rewards

There are many dog trainers with various credentials that recommend small pieces of cheese as high-value rewards during training. High-value rewards are those that dogs will be keen to have and will want to work hard to get them. You help make them high value by only using them sparingly and when your dog does something particularly good. If not, there is a chance that cheese will lose its value.

Dogs That May Benefit From Cheese

In addition to the use of cheese as a high-value reward when you are training your dog, you can also use this delicious dairy product to supplement your dog’s diet. If your cockapoo needs to gain a few more pounds or is not getting enough protein in their diet, adding some cheese to their food or as a snack before or after meals can help.

The great thing about cheese is that it is easy to work with and calculating the calorie count for a portion of cheese is simple.

It’s important to note though that you should avoid using cheese to replace your dog’s normal meal or have cheese as a huge part of it. Cheese instead should be used as a supplement, garnish or bonus.

Cheese is also a great choice if you have an older dog that does not have an appetite for its normal food. Dogs often find the smell and taste of it irresistible. Furthermore, as it is high in calcium it can help strengthen your dog’s bones.

Dogs You Should Not Give Cheese

If you have a cockapoo that has a weight problem already or know it puts on weight very easily and quickly, then cheese is not the best treat for him or her. Remember, cheese is extremely high in fat. Although you could give your cockapoo lower-fat cheese if they have weight issues it is best to avoid cheese altogether.

What Kinds of Cheese Are Safe?

One of the best options for cockapoos if you are going to give them cheese is cheddar. It is affordable and comes in a variety of strengths, from very mild to extra mature and strong. While your dog may prefer the stronger varieties, you need to keep in mind that the stronger and more mature cheeses are also the fattier ones.

You should avoid any cheese that has added ingredients, like onion or garlic, for instance, as both are poisonous to all dogs including cockapoos. Other cheeses you should avoid giving your dog are the high-fat, soft varieties like camembert and brie, as these are too rich and can cause your dog to have stomach issues.

Summary In conclusion, if your cockapoo does not have a notable intolerance to lactose-rich food or weight issues, then cheese can be a great supplement and choice for a high-value reward. You can safely include cheese in your cockapoos diet if you monitor how much he or she consumes