Can Cockapoos Eat Pasta?

Although dogs have their food specially formulated for them, humans, as their owners, can’t help but treat them to some of our food. While this is not always bad and can be a great way of treating or rewarding your cockapoo, you need to be aware of the foods your canine buddy can and can’t eat. One question gets asked is, “can a cockapoo eat pasta?” The answer, unfortunately, is not a straightforward yes or no. Let’s explore this a little further.

Is Pasta Toxic to Dogs?

The short answer is no; pasta is perfectly fine for cockapoos. Well, most cockapoos. You need to be aware that, like humans, some dogs are allergic to wheat, the main ingredient in pasta. If your cockapoo does not have a gluten allergy, it will be okay to eat pasta. You must understand an essential aspect of a dog’s diet.

Have you ever looked at the label on dog food and wondered why it contains so few carbohydrates but lots of protein?

This all has to do with how dogs metabolize food. They don’t need as many carbohydrates as you or me. Dogs should get the energy that they need from quality sources of protein, like meat.

So, while the starch found in pasta is suitable for dogs, too many carbohydrates are not.

Can Cockapoos Digest Pasta?

If your dog does not have an allergy to wheat, it should be okay to eat some pasta. If you want to up the fibre in their diet, pasta is an excellent addition to their usual meals.

In my own experience with my cockapoo, my wife and I have given Luna pasta; she has no trouble digesting it and loves it.

Tips for Giving Your Dog Pasta

If you want to give your dog pasta, it is best to give them a little. While giving your dog raw pasta as a crunchy snack may be tempting, it is better for their health if the pasta is cooked correctly. It’s also best to give it to them plain without any rich or spicy sauces.