Chuck It Indoor Ball

Never Lose Anymore Tennis Balls Under the Sofa

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  • INDOOR SAFE DOG TOY: At 4.7 inches in diameter,...

Dog owners, does the following scenario sound familiar to you?

You have just sat down to watch that latest Netflix show you are enthralled in (Are you a Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit or The Crown fan?) and your excitable cockapoo comes bounding over with their favourite tennis ball. Rather than dropping it nicely at your feet or stepping up and dropping it in your lap, they haphazardly drop it and it rolls right under the sofa.

Great, I need to stop the show, you think, and get on your hands and knees to try and reach the tennis ball. Guess where it is? It is all the way right at the back, out of arm’s reach. This means you need to move your sofa out of the way.

So by the time you have done all that, you are tired out and a bit frazzled. You may still enjoy the show, but it’s a lot of hassle to put up with.

Fortunately, we have found a solution – the ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Dog Toy!

The Chuckit! Indoor dog toy is a plush ball that has a durable, lightweight, and soft design that means it can be rolled and bounced against the surfaces in your home without causing any damage. As it is not a traditional ball, made from rubber or something similar, it is made from a luxury chenille fabric, it won’t roll. So, when they drop it, it will land at the feet.

We really love the fact that it has bright and vibrant high-visibility colours, which means that pets and pet parents will be easy to spot it. What’s more, if you invest a little more, or if you already have one, you can use this ChuckIt! Indoor Launcher for easier and longer throws where you don’t need to wipe your hands constantly to get rid of doggie drool.

Say goodbye to those annoying Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ interruptions and moving sofas back and forth when you want to play with your dog while enjoying a decent binge with the ChuckIt! Indoor ball dog toy!