Do Anxiety/Thunder Jackets Work For Cockapoos?

Does your Cockapoo suffer from anxiety problems big or small, does it crawl into the smallest space available or become a shivering wreck with the mere approach of a storm or firework going off if so, will a thunder jacket work for you?

We have one for Luna during firework season, I think it helps, but I am not too sure. 

Thunder/Anxiety jacket and what it is

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Also referred to as a thunder shirt or anxiety coat a lot of pet owners swear by them to help their beloved pet through a time of fear and stress, they are not just for extreme stress or anxiety either, nor is it just for thunderstorms as the name suggests. 

Some of you may never have heard of a thunder jacket so what is it exactly? Basically, a thunder jacket is a garment that is put on when a pet that is showing some form of stress or anxiety, whether that be from noise phobia, strange surroundings or a storm etc. It can be adjusted to fit snugly giving the pet, cats as well as dogs, a feeling of security.

The thunder jacket and its uses

Unlike us mere humans, a dog senses a storm long before it arrives, this is because it picks up on the change in the barometric pressure, so if your Cockapoo is showing signs of anxiety and you are unsure as to why check to see if you have a storm on the way.  

Anxiety jackets are designed to make your dog feel secure and safe, worn just as a coat or jumper would be, if it is possible you should put it on before the pet becomes anxious, in other words, if you see a weather forecast telling you of storms ahead or know there is a firework display due to happen then get them settled into their jacket beforehand.

They are made with breathable material and designed to be close-fitting for light pressure and can be worn for prolonged periods of time, but it is generally recommended that you do take it off for short breaks, about 10 minutes, every 1-2 hours as this will avoid any irritation being caused.

Whether your Cockapoo suffers from noise phobia, fireworks, storms or separation disorder you may well find a thunder jacket is just what you have been looking for and could help ease any anxiety your dog or cat is feeling. 

As with anything new to animals, it is important that you introduce the use of a thunder jacket gradually, get them used to the idea first, each time you show the jacket give them a fuss, play with their favourite toy or give a treat this will get them to associate the jacket with something nice occurring and will really help you on your way.

When you feel they are comfortable with the new thunder jacket gradually start putting it on, maybe not even completely at first, the last thing you want to do is give your Cockapoo a bad experience the first time you try to get them to wear it. 

Please note, if you have an old or infirm Cockapoo or pet you should always check with your vet before using anything new, this applies for the use of a thunder jacket also. 

The thunder jacket and how it works

No matter what the reason is for the stress or anxiety the thunder jacket works on the principle of wrapping your pet with comfortable and constant light pressure, not unlike a mother swaddling her newborn baby, giving them a feeling of being secure while calming and soothing them.

The even distribution of pressure across the animals back and sides act the same as a hug would for a person in distress, gentle and constant pressure is known to release endorphins which in turn promotes a feel-good factor within the cat or dog. 

Even if they do not become fully relaxed, remember, the anxiety jacket may still be working and alleviating some of their anxiety, all dogs are different therefore making all levels of success different. 

Does a thunder/anxiety jacket work?

There are no hard and fast answers to the question I am afraid, as it seems to vary from animal to animal, but overall there is evidence that they do, with some pet owners saying they would not part with theirs and could not be without one when caring for their pet during stressful moments. 

Look at it this way, it won’t do any animal harm so I say is give it a go you will never know until you try, there are so many owners that say it works for them and some research that has been done states that after a few uses up to 90% of pets show some form of stress relief. 

If you are unsure as to whether you one would work for you, then why not check out how to make your own, it is fast and easy to do with plenty of videos and illustrations available online to show you how all you will need is durable lightweight and breathable material.