How Does The Fur Of A Cockapoo Change With Age?

Cockapoos come with a wonderful and wide variety of colours and types of fur coats, but did you know that as a puppy what you see is not necessarily what you will get. 

Maybe you have set your heart on a beautiful amber and wavy coated Cockapoo or have fallen for that gorgeous jet black tight curly-coated puppy you have just seen, if so then read on because this could all change as they age. 


Although a lot of people will opt for a Cockapoo because they ‘do not shed’ or maybe because they have a dog allergy and believe the Cockapoo to be ‘hypoallergenic’, in truth neither of these statements would be 100% true.

All dogs shed and none are totally hypoallergenic, but in saying that first cross Cockapoos are known to shed a lot less and have lower allergen qualities, but how much so depends on the type of coat, you will find plenty of owners that state ‘my Cockapoo doesn’t shed’ but also many that say theirs do.

Cockapoo coat type and how it changes in adulthood

When you first see a Cockapoo puppy you will not be able to tell what the coat type will be in adulthood, although the breeder may be able to advise on the type they think, this is only advise, as even they will not know for sure.

As the characteristics are inherited from both the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel the types of coat can even vary amongst the same litter, from a tight curly hair coat similar to the Poodle fur to a loose wavy/ringlet coat or straight coat of the Cocker Spaniel. At around 2 months of age their coat will start to show signs as to what type it might be but don’t get your hopes too high as nothing is for certain.

I have read and researched many pages and the general consensus from a lot of Cockapoo owners is that their Cockapoo’s coat started to really thicken at around 8 months old. This is the age when they really start to lose their puppyhood puppy coat and when you will start to see the adult coat coming through showing the coat type better.

Cockapoo coat colour and how it changes in adulthood

Ask any proud Cockapoo owner what the colour of their Cockapoo was when it was a puppy, the answer will probably not be what you expected. A lot of people when choosing a Cockapoo will do so for colour but not realise that the likely hood of it staying that colour can be quite low, although not impossible. 

This is due to something that is called the ‘Fading Gene’ that is inherited from the poodle side of the mix. Luna is Champagne in colour but little by little she is turning white, a dark red puppy may end up very light in colour, a brown solid colour may become very light or even cream and brown. 

So if you have your heart set on an apricot, jet black or any other specific colour and it means everything to you then you will seriously need to think about this fact.